Monday, January 14, 2013

Things to do...

Some items on my to do list this week...inspired by Pinterest, of course!
I thought that if I post about it that it would help hold me accountable to get these things done.
I have started on the book page wreath already, trying to decide whether or not to put a small mirror in the middle. 
I found 2 pans at the flea market {one is a pie plate and the other more of a scalloped edged cake pan} that will be perfect to make into a chalkboard and the other into a shadow box.
I have that exact fabric of the curtains that I want to use in the to get this one done asap!!
The fabric covered pots are fun, I may or may not get that one done with week.  I thought it would be fun to hold pens, contain my junk or even towels maybe...
I WILL make the photo heart for sure.  I have a niche area in my living room that is perfect for this project and for Valentine's Day.
The framed dots I thought would be a quick project, possibly for Kate's bathroom...we'll see!
I have been wanting to make homemade feathers for a while and I would love to add it to a Valentine's Day wreath.
I have some Studio Calico mini states that I want to put together and frame, another item that has been just sitting on my craft table staring at me. :) {Link to the mini states}

Couple of random things:

I love the Vintage Salt Lake Temple Postcard that I found several years ago at my favorite flea market True Treasures in Arkansas.  I was digging through a stack of postcards and I about died when I saw this!  Of course I had to grab it and run! LOL
 Kate drew an "abstract" picture for me on the chalkboard in the kitchen, so lovely.
I found these large leaf bowls at Marshall's for $2 each {I wish there were more of them} and a small serving tray that matches my dishes for cheap, too.  That day, while I was shopping at Marshall's, I had a chick following me and I swear she was picking up everything that I touched.  I would try to go down a different isle and she still followed is weird, maybe just a coincidence also. 
Who knows. LOL

 Ok, my husband was so sweet to me for Christmas.  He hates to shop, especially at "girly" shops like Hobby Lobby, but he knows I love it there.  So, he took all four kids on a shopping trip {which I avoid at all costs} and bought me 2 blue ceramic decor presents.  I was so proud of him. :) They are exactly what I would've picked out. I have been moving them around the house to find the perfect place...
Enjoy your Day!!

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  1. Great visual to-do list, what fun to see my cake pan chalkboard on the "list". I love those book page feathers!