Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Valentine's Day Countdown Calendar

I decided to make a new version of my Valentine's Day Countdown Calendar that I made two years ago {link to the other one}.  This one definitely has more of a Spring-y look to it.  I only wanted to use products I had on this is what I came up with.

I was inspired by Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane Rose fabric and took those colors into my overall design.  {I also used a little bit of Amy Butler Ikat fabric} The frame is a cheap-o one from Ikea that is about a 20"x20" size, I think it was around $7.  I wrote out "Valentine's Day" and stitched in on some pink felt and then layered fabric, felt and burlap.
I used several items from Canvas Corp: lime mini clothespins, white mini envelopes {I trimmed them down an inch} and burlap. As you can see, it is pretty self-explanatory on how to make it. I also used my go-to glue Beacon Fabri-Tac, I can't do anything without that stuff!! I used a small tipped Sharpie to write out the dates on the envelopes.

You can add love notes or special messages to the inside of the envelopes.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I figured it out...last week I had a problem with my idea that I first had of using the Studio Calico wood states as a full map, that didn't work out too well {see the Link to my first try}.  Then I thought of just highlighting the places that we have lived and "Bloomed where we were planted". 

I bought this frame at IKEA for .99 cents, I should have bought more...what was I thinking!  I used some My Mind's Eye scrapbook paper and attached them very simply.
{that is our wedding picture in the back...we were married in the Bountiful Utah LDS temple on a very cold and snowy day in November {here is a LINK to see more pictures of the temple}. While we were getting our pictures taken, I had lost my shoe in the snow. The photographer caught the moment when we found the shoe and dumping the snow out of my shoe...yes, I was frozen, but it was the most gorgeous day ever!}

It is also double sided, so I took advantage of that.
I cut out words:  Bloom, Plant, Grow, from an old dictionary to make the banner.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Book Page Wreath with a Mirror

I am pleased with how my book page wreath turned out.  It is about 15" in diameter, I actually used a chipboard from a cereal box as my base to glue everthing to.  Every page is folded accordian style and I used Beacon FabriTac as my go-to adhesive.
I am totally digging the side view.  Maybe I should clean my fingerprints off of the mirror...LOL

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Just a little update to show where I am on my project goals for the week that I talked about on Monday.  I did finish the curtains, but I am just waiting for Mr. Bill to put the new curtain rods up in the kitchen.  So excited!
Here is my version of the Heart Pictures.  This was actually so fun to look through all of my pictures and I realized that I haven't been printing them lately, just saving on the computer.  I want to add a little banner that says "Love at Home" or something like that.
I still need to find something to put in that glass container...

I wanted to make a quick and simple wreath to hang to the side of the Heart Photos.  I just wrapped a straw wreath form with some Tanya Weyland fabric {a part of a stash that I have been hoarding}.  Then I made a bow using American Crafts glitter ribbon.  I made a fringe using 6 layers of white streamers.  Nothing to it really...
You make this bow by making two circles and layering them, then attach a small circle around the middle.  I then cut two long strips and attached them on the back.
**Annoucing a Project Fail**
I bought the Studio Calico wood states {2 of them actually} and was under the assumption that the states were all the same size...well, folks...they are not.  Look at Texas, Alaska and California for instance...the biggest states are the smallest.  So my thought of just attaching them to paper/fabric isn't going to work...and look how cute my hexagon frame is.  I am not sure what I will do now, I will have to come back to this.  I thought they would be cute for individual pendants or just random on cards/layouts when they make sense.
A little sneak picture of my front door "wreath", I am waiting for the E6000 adhesive to dry on the back before I hang it.  {hint:  I used a silver cheap-o charger as the base and homemade paper feathers}

Monday, January 14, 2013

Things to do...

Some items on my to do list this week...inspired by Pinterest, of course!
I thought that if I post about it that it would help hold me accountable to get these things done.
I have started on the book page wreath already, trying to decide whether or not to put a small mirror in the middle. 
I found 2 pans at the flea market {one is a pie plate and the other more of a scalloped edged cake pan} that will be perfect to make into a chalkboard and the other into a shadow box.
I have that exact fabric of the curtains that I want to use in the to get this one done asap!!
The fabric covered pots are fun, I may or may not get that one done with week.  I thought it would be fun to hold pens, contain my junk or even towels maybe...
I WILL make the photo heart for sure.  I have a niche area in my living room that is perfect for this project and for Valentine's Day.
The framed dots I thought would be a quick project, possibly for Kate's bathroom...we'll see!
I have been wanting to make homemade feathers for a while and I would love to add it to a Valentine's Day wreath.
I have some Studio Calico mini states that I want to put together and frame, another item that has been just sitting on my craft table staring at me. :) {Link to the mini states}

Couple of random things:

I love the Vintage Salt Lake Temple Postcard that I found several years ago at my favorite flea market True Treasures in Arkansas.  I was digging through a stack of postcards and I about died when I saw this!  Of course I had to grab it and run! LOL
 Kate drew an "abstract" picture for me on the chalkboard in the kitchen, so lovely.
I found these large leaf bowls at Marshall's for $2 each {I wish there were more of them} and a small serving tray that matches my dishes for cheap, too.  That day, while I was shopping at Marshall's, I had a chick following me and I swear she was picking up everything that I touched.  I would try to go down a different isle and she still followed is weird, maybe just a coincidence also. 
Who knows. LOL

 Ok, my husband was so sweet to me for Christmas.  He hates to shop, especially at "girly" shops like Hobby Lobby, but he knows I love it there.  So, he took all four kids on a shopping trip {which I avoid at all costs} and bought me 2 blue ceramic decor presents.  I was so proud of him. :) They are exactly what I would've picked out. I have been moving them around the house to find the perfect place...
Enjoy your Day!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Rugs Update...

I thought I would show a few pics of the rugs that I bought last week from, all I have to say is NEVER pay full price for rugs, wait until they are having a huge sale, I got these for 65% off.  They work out perfect in my house because I am trying to get pattern and color into my tan/brown house.

This rug is supposed to be "soft grey", it has a purplish tone to it...I layered it on our jute rug by the fireplace that has grey stone, hoping that would tie some gray color in.  {Radiante Ning Ikat Soft Grey Rug, Link}

Oh my goodness, y'all...our office really needs help!  This rug is a great start for sure!  It is charcoal grey, even though it looks bluish in this picture.  The interesting thing about this rug is the white patterned part is raised a little compared to the charcoal part, just in case you were thinking about getting one.  {Homespun Moroccan Trellis Charcoal Rug, Link}
The walls are a putty, khaki color that is on the dark side for me, I would LOVE to add board and battan to it...I will have to convince Bill to help me, which will be difficult {he would rather "chew broken glass" it what he would say to}
I would like a gallery wall of pictures on the wall straight ahead with random sizes and frames...very eclectic.  To the left is our front room window, to the right is the computer armoire {black shutters on the front}, then to the immediate left the piano is against that wall.
With the chevron rug, it worked perfect in the dining room to layer on the current rug.  The blues in real life match more than it looks like in this picture.  This table was Bill's grandparents that we inherited, which is a blessing for us because dining room furniture is not cheap.  It is a really pretty color and I hope to find new chairs to it eventually...I will be on the look out.
{Homespun Chevron Light Blue Rug, Link}
This table acts like a second computer room and homework table for the boys, which has been nice.  We just took Christmas down, so everything seems so bare.  I still have the Christmas cards up in the card fixture in the corner.  The frame on the buffet table will be actually hung on the other side of the room and will be a seasonal decor piece.  I painted the buffet {really it is bedroom furniture, it is great storage for linens} and frame the same color and added a layer of wax on top for it not to be too flat. 
This room has that venetian plaster texture to it, so I have been hesitant to put holes in the wall...because how in the world are you supposed to patch holes in plaster?  So committing to the hole in the wall here has been hard. lol.
***Work in progress***

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 word of the year

I know a lot of you out there have been chosing your word of the year, what to focus on in 2013...some of you may not think about it at all, which is ok too.  This is my first year to really be serious about what I want to use as my 2013 word...
Happy was one of the first words that came to mind.
I want to be Happy with myself
I want to be Happy with my family and friends
I want to be Happy with what I create
I want to be Happy with my Life
I want to be Happy with my blessings and recognize them everyday
I just want to be Happy
Plain and Simple
Happiness makes the small things big and the hard things easy
To be Happy in every aspect of life will benefit me and those around me
I would love to hear what your word of the year for 2013!!
Have a wonderful and blessed year!

Monday, December 31, 2012

A little Rug shopping today

So, here I am in my once a quarter blog post...
I have done several projects around the house that I need to get around to posting about, so hopefully I will be more diligent in 2013!
I took advantage of the 65% of sale today and ordered some much needed rugs for our mostly wood floors house.  I have been looking and looking for the perfect rugs, colors and especially price.  So, I got 3 rugs for the price of 1 essentially.  Yeah!
This first one will be in our front office...I haven't decorated at all in there, so I am hoping this is a starting point!
{Homespun Moroccan Trellis:  LINK}
I found this picture of the rug from the Thrifty Decor Chick blog and it sold it for me.  Her photo was more clear to me on what it looks like in a home that is being lived in.  She has so many fun decor ideas on her blog, by the way. {link}
Right now I am picturing this rug in our master bedroom at the foot of the bed to add some texture in there.  Who knows, it might end up in the living room...
{Homespun Chevron: LINK}
This room was designed by Kirsten Krason and I instantly knew I had to have this one also!  I love everything that Kirsten does, she has an eye for mixing colors and designs.  {link}
When I saw this rug, I knew I liked the pattern...not sure if it will go in the living room layered on top of the natural jute rug we have or if it will go somewhere else.
I couldn't find it in a designed room to give me somesort of idea like the other two.  I think it will work...just have that feelin'.
{Ning Ikat:  LINK}

Have a wonderful New Year!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Company Boutiques Grand Opening

I have the pleasure of posting about one of my friend's new website Grand Openings Today!!  Jill and her mom started this venture together and I wish them all the best!  Read more about their story HERE.

The Company Boutiques is a new online boutique, offering boutique and handmade daily deals at fabulous discounted prices. On The Company Boutiques Deal Site you will find amazing deals from jewelry, printed art work, party supplies, clothing, and even handmade items. The possibilities are endless for the deals you could find on The Company Boutiques. We list deals daily, except for Sundays, when we finish out our weekly features. If you see a deal you like, buy it while you can, because most features have a limited number with a limited time.
Shabby Flowers will be offered on October 11th, grand opening for FREE (+shipping). With over 10 other colors options!

Curling Ribbon in 8 different prints for FREE (+Shipping) on October 11th, grand opening.
Wooden Spoons and Forks 16 pieces in total. For over 70% off normal price on October 11th, grand opening.


Washi tape with 10 different prints. They are going to be over 70% off normal price on October 11th, grand opening.

Rhinestone Ball Necklaces with 10 colors to choose from. These will be over 70% off normal price as well on October 12th the second day of the grand opening.
{while supplies last} 
Check out the website!  You will love their products!
Like them on Facebook HERE, tell Jill that I sent you :).

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


First of all, buying a new camera has become first priority for me now!  My camera is just not doing anything has seen better days.  I hope to say farewell to is soon, Sam has already called dibs on it.

Any suggestions on what kind of camera I should get?  I am torn between a Nikon and a Canon...


Today I made my first trip to Hobby Lobby in seriously 6 months, no joke!  I can't believe that I lasted that long without going there, I guess you can say that I have saved a lot of money.

They are having their knobs on 1/2 off and the first thing I thought of was this little storage table and how it would be fun to add a little bit of color to it...

 I know that it is hard to tell, but these are turquoise knobs that are antiqued.  I fell in love instantly!
 I have been thinking of painting this piece of furniture a little lighter so that it isn't such a black hole in the room, this is a great solution for in the mean time...
 My iphone doesn't take the picture any!
Enjoy your day!