Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pillow Collection: Made with Canvas...

I just want to share with you 3 pillow projects that I have made.
{I found the graphics for the Welcome pillow and Chandelier pillow over at The Graphics Fairy blog, you will love her free graphics that you can download!}
This is my painted canvas pillow
{I have houndstooth on the back}.
Jen, from Tatertots and Jello, Quatrefoil stencil would be great to use on a project like this. 
I made a template of the diamond pattern and first used a sharpie to mark my lines.  Then I painted the lines in black...the lines are not perfect {I didn't want them to be}.
To get the most out of iron-on paper, I printed what I needed at the same time.
The "Welcome" sign is hot glued to the diamond painted canvas, of course I hot glued the ball fringe, too!
I made this for my sweet friend's {Leslie} birthday present! 
I took it to her and she hung it on her iron wreath stand. 
I thought that her initials on the bottom was a special touch for a present! 
I made the orange fringe out of PAPER!! 
I found a fun piece of scrapbook paper and cut out the shape {Sassafrass Lass}. 
Then I modge podged both sides to give it more of a shiny look & to make it a little more stiff.
I used double sided bias tape and sewed the paper inside the fold.  Super Easy!
Sew the layers together first before you sew the pillow together. 
 I had 3 layers here with the toile, initials and paper trim.
It was also my little sister Janis's birthday also! 
So, here is her present {it is late getting to her, so she will probably see it here first! :)}
You know when you have a great present for someone when you don't want to give it anyway! 
Both of these pillows did that to me!  But, I will be good and get this one in the mail to her...
The Scroll Label is from Rhonna Farrer and I just typed in
"Love at Home". 
You can have any saying you want in there!  The beauty of Photoshop, right!?
I used my 1 3/4" circle punch as a pattern to cut out the toile fabric for my homemade trim.
I also put Fray Check liquid on the edges to keep the fabric from fraying.
Just like the paper trim, sew the circles in the fold of the bias tape!  That's it!! :)
I also made her a barrett, using the rolled satin technique.  Of cource, I had to add a little bling to it!
I hope you enjoyed these projects, the possibilities are endless.
{I also have patterns for the diamond pillow
and the Welcome iron-on, if you would like it just leave me a
comment on my blog with your email I will send it to you.}
Have a Delightful Day!
The Graphics Fairy


  1. Absolutely Fabulous! These are such fun...thanks so much.

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    -Sarah from Create Studio

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  7. Hey Jen! This is Ashley (I'm Anna's sister in law, Blake's sister) remember me?! Anyway, I love your blog and I always tell Anna that you need to make one extra of everything for me, better yet how bout you come to my house and redecorate everything!!!! You are so creative! Love it!

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    These pillows are absolutely stunning!! You did such an amazing job on them. Thanks so much for linking this one up today to Brag Monday!

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    CIndy Adkins

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    They are too cute and I'd love to make them all....for me....Congrats for the great taste and your generosity in sharing.

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