Friday, December 3, 2010

Canvas Ornaments

{This is my post from Under the Table and Dreaming's 6 days of Ornaments last week}
Altered Canvas Ornaments
While I was designing and making them, I thought that the
possibilities are endless on what you can put on the canvas.
You can add pictures, mod podge papers, flowers,
handprints, perfect neighbor/teacher gift and so on!
Supplies Needed:
Paint {Paint Brush}
Small Canvas
Ribbon {3/8" & 1.5"}
Optional: fabric {the Noel one I used fabric}
Glitter balls {from a pick}
Hot glue
Poster Marker
Brooch {I used a brooch for the hanger in the back}

1.  Paint your canvas, let dry.
2.  Use a Poster Marker to write on the canvas
{this is where your creativity can go wild!}
3.  I just cut them off of the stem, I used about 24 balls on each canvas.
I bought these glitter ball picks at Hobby Lobby when they were 1/2 off!
That is the only time I buy anything there!

4.  Hot Glue the thin ribbon around the edge of the canvas, to give it a finished look.
5.  Hot Glue the balls around the canvas {be careful because
I burned my finger really bad doing this step}.
6.  Make your own ruffles!!  Just sew in and out on the bottom of the ribbon
and then pull the thread to gather the ribbon.
I made the black w/white polka dot ruffle using fabric.  Cut a 3 1/4" x 40"
strip of fabric, fold it in half and then sew the edges together.
7.  Hot Glue the ruffle to the back of the canvas.
8.  Attach the brooch, or whatever you use for the hanger, to the back.
I hope you will enjoy this project. 
I already have plans for my kids to make some!

Have a fabulous weekend...I will because my hubby and I
are going to see Brian Regan!!!