Wednesday, June 20, 2012


First of all, buying a new camera has become first priority for me now!  My camera is just not doing anything has seen better days.  I hope to say farewell to is soon, Sam has already called dibs on it.

Any suggestions on what kind of camera I should get?  I am torn between a Nikon and a Canon...


Today I made my first trip to Hobby Lobby in seriously 6 months, no joke!  I can't believe that I lasted that long without going there, I guess you can say that I have saved a lot of money.

They are having their knobs on 1/2 off and the first thing I thought of was this little storage table and how it would be fun to add a little bit of color to it...

 I know that it is hard to tell, but these are turquoise knobs that are antiqued.  I fell in love instantly!
 I have been thinking of painting this piece of furniture a little lighter so that it isn't such a black hole in the room, this is a great solution for in the mean time...
 My iphone doesn't take the picture any!
Enjoy your day!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thinking about Mantles...

Ok, sorry about these pictures...not very good one of our mantle.  The mantle actually wraps around so I have areas on both sides to decorate.  I realize that our temple picture is not the right scale, it is covering the plug-in box...just a temporary fix.

This is a "black hole" area of the living room, light doesn't make it over here very well.  I found these lamps at Marshall's last week to help lighting up the mantle.  They seemed so big at the store but almost look like dwarfs on the mantle.  I was a little worried about what Bill would think of the lamps, but he loves them because they are a really pretty blue/clear color.  I'm glad that he approved.

 I didn't realize until I put these pictures on that my lampshade is  I have visions of a few years down the road painting the fireplace an off-white {to match the trim} to lighten it up and keep the mantle stained...  I don't know if Bill will go for that or not, he is totally in love with the wood, I am mixed.

I just want to share a few mantles that I love...
This one is from the talented Layla and Kevin at The Lettered Cottage.  They just posted their most recent mantle change today, it is awesome.  Click HERE.
Pinned Image

I really love that mirror...that would really help reflect light for us on that side of the room!  A round mirror would help soften the hard edges of the fireplace.
Pinned Image

I love how the mirror is long and the frames are lined up on both sides {I know this isn't a "mantle" but I like the design...except for the bust, not into those}.  Bill will not let me nail any holes into the wood on the fireplace, so this might have to wait until I can talk him into painting it...
Pinned Image

I just adore this new blog I just found called: 52Mantels
I think it would be fun to really change the mantle out for every holiday...
Maybe having some kind of neutral piece that I can just change out a couple of things?

I am obsessed with Delta Girl Distressing Frames, this one below is seriously gorgeous!!
It is very LARGE, you can see compared to the Christmas tree and chair...wouldn't something like this be cool and have a mirror inside it?  Chalkboard?  Cool family picture?
more of her frames...Click HERE for her Etsy shop.
Can you see why I am obsessing...:)

Hopefully, I can figure it all out is definitely one of the first projects I need to get done! 
I have way too many!
Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

You can win stuff...

I just wanted to share a couple of giveaways that you can enter right now.
I want this book REALLY bad, but I am not eligible to I thought I would share with y'all!!

One is on the Canvas Corp Facebook page, you can enter to win 1 of 3 Heidi Swapp's new books. 

She is one of my all time favorite scrapbook designers...I have met her last year, not that she would remember who I am. {lol} 

Click HERE  for info on how to enter on the Canvas Corp blog post. Then you can also go to 7Gypsies and Tattered Angels facebook pages for more chances to win!!

Here is a link to a Sneak Peek of her book...Click HERE

Northridge Media is hosting several big giveaways to celebrate the release of Heidi's book.
Click HERE to go to their Facebook page to enter...

I hope that you will have a wonderful day...I am off to a flea market in town crossing my fingers that the card store fixture is still there....:)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Home Decor in the Works....

I have been doing a lot of online shopping for fabrics and rugs lately.  The UPS guy should deliver all of it by tomorrow...yeah!!!  I have got to get this home is about to drive me crazy!

I have been a big fan of Anna Maria Horner's fabrics for quite some time.  I thought that she has the perfect bohemian/modern style that I was looking for Kate's room.  You will have to visit Anna Maria's website...fabulous ideas on there!  {click HERE}

Anna Maria Horner LouLouThi Summer Totem TartAnna Maria Horner LouLouThi Hugs & Kisses Candy
Anna Maria Horner LouLouThi Curated Bloom PatinaPremier Prints ZigZag Slub Yellow/White

One of my inspirations of getting bright and bold in Kate's room was from  She has some amazing photography of home decor.  I really didn't want to stick to 2-3 colors in her whole room, so I thought that a rainbow of colors would be perfect for her and her FiReCraCker personality.

So, for the Master Bedroom...I wanted to stick with the calming palette, something not too girlie for Bill.  I have seen this ikat pattern around the internet and I keep coming back to it, so it was meant to be.  The greek design on the right helps bring in the modern vibe I am wanting also.  You can click on the pictures and it will take you to

Magnolia Home Fashions Java Ikat SpaPremier Prints Towers Village Blue/Natural

Maybe it is because I am from the South...but I love MONOGRAMMING!!!  You bet that I will have some pillows monogrammed in our new bedroom.  This picture is from the fabulous Emily A. Clark's home...her blog is HERE.  I am also searching for a starburst mirror....

Bill and I went to a Consignment Furniture place in town looking for bookcases...we didn't find any, but we found a dresser and nightstand for me that will match Bill's nightstand.  He told me that he will paint it for me {and he always says that he would rather chew broken glass than paint, so I know that he meant it...}  I found this dresser on Pinterest that I want mine to be painted like...

Pinterest find...on my board about HERE was really good to me on Memorial day...I got all of these rugs for 60% off and free shipping.  The natural rugs are 8'x10' and the stripe one is 5'x8'.
The one on the left is for the living room, stripe is for upstairs playroom {future Utah State room} and the bottom one is for the dining room.  All for under $400...can you believe that!!!! Yeah!!!

Hopefully I will have more pictures of everything in a couple of excited!!
Enjoy your day!!