Monday, August 29, 2011

This and That

Yes, another couple of weeks gone by and I haven't posted!  Yes, I am still alive and have tons of projects piling up.  Lots of fun assignments that I am working on, as well as some trade projects with my junky friend, Debbie.  I will share soon!

Today, my Mom and Dad are celebrating their 39th Wedding Anniversary, they really have an amazing story of how they made the trek from Louisiana to Manti, Utah to be married in the LDS Temple. {click here to see the Manti Temple}  Both of them are converts to the LDS church and knew it was important to be married in the temple, my mom had to get special permission to be married before her year anniversary of her baptism by President Harold B. Lee.  They drove their little yellow VW bug {named Agnes} with chaperones {their home teachers}, they hardly had any money since they were in college.  But, the sad thing was they didn't have one friend or family member there because they were not supportive at the time to my parents.  I cannot imagine not having that kind of support on my wedding day!  They are such amazing examples to me to always do what is right, no matter what others think.  They have been so blessed in so many ways making that sacrifice at that time.  I love you mom and dad!!

I made them a mini album with some of their wedding pictures that were taken after they got back.

My dad had tons of hair, check out those burns!!!  My mom made her own wedding dress, it is gorgeous!  I wish I was that talented in the sewing department.

My son informs us late Saturday "oh, by the way I am running for Student Council and it starts on Monday".  It is a good thing that I had everything on had to make posters, hand-outs and these pins for his friends to wear at school.  I had 58 brooches on hand! :)  I really don't think I could've done it without my cricut machine!!  His theme was "Captain Aaron" {like Captain America}, his speech this morning was pretty cool.  Whether he makes it or not this has been a great experience for him {and for me making these really quick}!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


While going through our stuff and my "stashes" of treasures, I found this fun stitch projects that my mom did for me when I was a wee little lass.  I just think they are so cute!
This one is on a burb cloth.  I need to ask her if she had a pattern to make it.

This is the bib that I am sure I drooled quite a bit on it...:)

 I just have to say that Space Bags are awesome.  I was able to get a lot of our linens and blankets condensed to save space!!  Love it!
Space Bag® Online Store
Large Underbed Tote
Last, but not least, Canvas Corp is having a "Back to School" giveaway of awesome products.  Check out their Design Tool Tote..ultra fab!  {Click here to find out how to enter}
Have a delightful day!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Purge, baby, Purge

Today I am purging and cleaning-out closets.  It takes a while when you have so much stuff between 6 people.  I have had to use the thought process...'have I worn this in the past year, 6mo...' 'has Tommy played with this toy in the past 6mo...'& etc.  I am a natural born pack-rat and because I usually think, "oh, maybe one day I will make a purse out of those old jeans"
It is time to let go.  We don't know what our future looks like right now so besides just cleaning out our house, we may move one of these days {we have grown out of our house!}

These are some inspiring pictures that I have found...I can have cute closets {dream!} I love how the clothes are color coded and the cabinets!
I have to remember to only keep what I wear!

I can see this being a fun and functional closet for Kate.  I think I am going to try to fit her little kitchen in her closet for more room in her bedroom.  We'll see.  Her bedroom is first on my list to decorate...soon!
Have a wonderful weekend!
I want to hear about your closets and your secrets of keeping it clean and functional!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pinterest Saved Me...

Our drive to Utah is very long and extremely boring.  When I had spots of internet coverage, I took advantage of it and spent most of the time pinning fabulous finds to my Pinterest boards.  It seriously saved me from going crazy on the trip. {Kate had to watch Chicken Little a million times, whatever it takes to keep her happy!}

Here are a few of my latest Pinterest finds that make me so happy!!
This is a sign from  I need one of brother-in-law calls me "y'all" because it is a part of my vocabulary.  Plus, I think he is secretly jealous that he doesn't live in the South.
I love this picture of President Monson!  {from}
My dream house is a brand new house that looks old!  I would love this one!! {source unknown}
Along with my dream house, I would love this dream functional room!!  All-in-one for the modern, creative mother!!  {from}
There are tons of hair design ideas!  I love this side braid/ponytail look! {source unknown}
Aren't these gorgeous!!  I would love to wear them in the fall! {}
I want this in my entryway!!! {}
Avocado Chicken Salad from, please!  Anything with Avocados in it I will eat!!
I love how open and bright this kitchen is...It would be a perfect backdrop while I am eating those yummy Avocados!!
Have a wonderful day!!

This is the Place has been a while since I have posted {again!}.  We went to Utah for a couple of weeks and totally enjoyed ourselves!  Then once we got back our two little guys started school at the beginning of the month.  Always something happening, I am just trying to get back into the groove...creating stuff groove!
I just wanted to share some pictures from our visit to This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City.  It was a really neat place to visit!
I just love this window with the patriotic bunting.  We took a "train" ride around the park and listened to the stories of what the pioneers had to endure when they first arrived to Salt Lake, it wasn't as beautiful has it is today, so they worked really hard!
 The kids were able to wash their own laundry using a wash board and then hang them to dry. 

 Bill loves the "old-time" games, especially the stilts...he is good at it!  Maybe I should get him a pair for Christmas!
 We had to stop of course for some Farr Ice Cream.  This is a picture of Olivia and Cali in the shop.  Bill is related to the Farr's and has a pioneer heritage. 
 The boys and Aunt Lara had to try out the children's game that helps them to learn how to milk cows.
Lots of fun!  I miss Utah tons!!!!