Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why I have been M.I.A...

I can't believe that it has been over 2 months since I have posted a thing!  Well, the reason why is because we are moving and had to get our house ready to sell, holidays, hubby started a new job, I started homeschooling one of my boys, working, 4 kids and etc. maintaining chaos really!

These are pictures of our current house {we close next week}.
I purged like no other, I sold a lot at the flea market. 
I got compliments from the inspector and the appraisal guys how they loved how the house was decorated and it showed nice, pat on the back.  Lots of sweat and tears to get it in tip top shape.  I am still having tears because my 2 year old thinks it is cool to write on everything, thank you Magic Eraser for existing!!

Entryway:  Beadboard with a picture ledge, idea from the Lettered Cottage.

Love this pop of color in the entryway, it has been a fun piece to have in there.

This is a stitch that I did years ago and attached it to an old window.

Fireplace area, I thought a mirror on the mantle would help the living room look bigger.
 Fabric in silver IKEA frames
 Vinyl Letter on an old window in the hallway
 No Sew curtains...
 Matching Navy/Cream in the Dining Room
 Kitchen has a beadboard backsplash.
 Front Door Square Boxwood Wreath.
In the kids bathroom...simple.

We have been so blessed, I can hardly talk about it without tearing up {more tears. :)}.  We took over 5 weeks to get the house looking perfect to put on the market and it sold in 6 days!  We only had 2 showings and we found out that the other showing wanted to put an offer in after we had already signed a contract! 
We are moving only 2 hours away to a wonderful, amazing a different state.  Bill and I thought that we would just find a place to rent for a while and then buy later, well that wasn't the case.  Last weekend we went on a rental house hunting trip and we were so disappointed with the small & expensive selection.  We were driving around thinking that we will have to live in a cardboard box when we drove up to a new subdivision and saw a sign for an open house with 5 bedrooms/3.5...they had us at 5 bedrooms.  Needless to say, we fell in love with the house.  We had to come back home that afternoon to relieve Grandma & Papa from watching our circus, so we said that we would "sleep" on it.  The next afternoon we drove back and signed papers to buy it.  Whirlwind.  Packers/Movers will be here in 6 days, I feel like I need to do another "purging" especially since I know what our new space will look like. 

A couple of new house pics:
A place waiting for some color!!!  The kitchen island will fit 5 barstools around the half-circle countertop.  That is what we call our "trough" for the little piggies.

It is pretty rustic looking, it has a Park City vibe to it that we love. 
I am thinking a Rustic, Beachy theme...

 I will still work for Canvas Corp as their Social Media Manager, I have loved working for them & I am grateful that I can still work from home.  So many new and exciting things are happening with the company that I am glad to say I am a part of it! 

Hopefully I will not be M.I.A. for another 2 months...I have lots of decorating that I need to do now, starting with curtains! :)