Monday, February 28, 2011

Banner Contest...

Ok, Ladies!! 
You have to enter in the Canvas Corp Banner Contest!
The great thing about this contest is your
banner can be anything, any size, any style!!
See Details Here:

We have Three AMAZING Guest Judges:
Holly from:
504 Main
Ellie G from:
Less Cake{More Frosting}
Jen from:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Burlap Bracelet!!

You have to go to
to see this beauty that Leslie made using
Canvas Corp products!!

Have a delightful day!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Front Door Decor: St. Patrick's Day

I just finished my front door decor for St. Patty's Day!
I am lovin' the Green...that means we are
closer to Spring {and green grass!}

I started by using Canvas Corp canvas heart mini shapes.
Easy fit for a 4 leaf clover!
I used gold glitter to cover it first and then I
used Jacquard Paints {see bottom} for the Emerald Green.
I love it when I can use items that I have on hand.
I used the green streamers from last years St. Patty's banner {see here}
Then I used the green ribbon from my Christmas ornaments {see here}
  I cut a stem shape out of burlap and painted it with green.
The green houndstooth paper is actually tissue paper from HobLob that I mounted on foam core board {10"x10" size}.
I then mounted that piece to a Canvas Corp black and white stripe scrapbook paper that I made
more sturdy by attaching it to some chipboard.
 It was the first time that I used Jacquard Paints {lumiere} and I love it!  Great stuff!!
Have a Lucky Day!!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Guest Post: Jen from Craft-O-Maniac

I just had to feature this fun project that Jen from Craft-O-Maniac
made using Canvas Corp products!!

So I TRIED to make it rhyme, and the hubs made fun of me?
 He said "Is it supposed to rhyme?" with a questionable look...
I said Yes'! butt head... just kidding...
No' but really I did try... and its darn close enough!  

"JEN & KEV & "4" of them!"
 i USED A Sharpie maker on the canvas material. To hang it I pushed silver thumb
tacks into the wood and through some grosgrain polka dot ribbon.

  I put some cut out triangle polka dot paper behind some of the canvas pennants.

 Thanks again Jen and thanks again Canvas Corp. Thanks to all of you who have stopped by this post. xo jen

Have a wonderful day!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Cupcake Wreath to Me!!!

My creative friend, Leslie, made this little pretty for me!!
A Cupcake Wreath!

I was freaking out when she brought it to my door!
Aren't I the luckiest gal in the world?!!

I posted more pictures of it over at
so you can see the other sides of it.
Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Canvas Family Wreath by Birgit Koopsen

I am seriously inspired.

Birgit Koopsen sent me this picture of her gorgeous wreath
this morning...You have to see the detail that she put
into making this!!
I am going to totally make one of these.

I met Birgit at CHA and sent her home to The Netherlands
with the Canvas Corp products she used in the wreath.

You have to go see her creative blog:

Thank you my friend!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Message Board by Sadie...

You have to go over to Sadie's blog
and check out how she made this awesome
Message Board with Canvas Corp Products!!
I love how she repurposed a frame to make it!!
Thanks Sadie!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Simple Card...

It's been a while since I have made a simple "hi" card.
Canvas Corp has greeting cards, like this black & white polka dot one.
I just added a folded fan, Canvas Corp 
burlap circle in the middle and to top it off
I made a flower using the Canvas Corp homemade paper for the center.
Sometimes it is nice to have a generic card on hand!! 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Little Valentine Gifts for my Valentine...

I got together with my 3 sisters {& in-law} and Leslie to do a
little Valentine Gift exchange for our Hubby's.
We decided to just give them 5 days worth of little gifts.
In the past, I have done 10 days and even 14 days.
Just a little behind this year...

Each of us made 5 of our little gift that we came up with.
Then we exchanged for us to have one of each.

Janis came up with the Crush theme, but she was sick
last week so I put hers together for her.
 Jess put a couple of packets of Pop Rocks in the bag,
you can't go wrong with that!
I chose the "Nuts" theme.  The funny thing about this was that
I actually had Bill go and buy 5 packs of peanuts.
Now he knows why...:)
 You can be very creative, like Renee did with her "write" for me gift.
 Leslie made this one, the little oranges brand name is "Cuties". 
We have been eating a lot of cuties lately! 
I know my Valentine has enjoyed finding his little gifts in fun places everyday!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Display...

I wish that I would have done this project earlier since
Valentine's day is on Monday...
I will probably just leave it up for a little while longer.
Spring Decor Projects are on my mind, I am
ready for warmer weather!
This Red Berry wreath has seen better days...I just
will never part with it. :)  One of those favorites of mine!
I made the heart using Canvas Corp Burlap & Canvas shapes.
It was a quick project to do...with American Crafts Thicker letters.

The vertical garland was a fun twist for me,
I normally make garland going horizontal. 
I used a heart punch with Canvas Corp Papers, Beacon Fabric
Tac glue to attach the CC twine and the hearts. 
 I met an amazing scrapbook artist, Nathalie Kalbach, from Germany
and she contributes to a Magazine called ScrapArtZine
I found a tutorial in the issue that she gave me on how to do
these flowers {by Tina Schubert}.  The instructions were in
German, but I was able to figure it out with pictures. :)
You just punch out 3 different sizes of circles, pierce a tiny hole
in the middle, place a brad in the middle to hold it together
and then fold/wrinkle up the edges. 
I loved how simple it was to get a great look!!
The bottom flower I made from Canvas Corp's new handmade paper
line, I will definitely be making more of them!!
Have a wonderful Friday!
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guest Post: Sadie from Simply Delicious!!

{Sadie was the winner of the Canvas Corp Giveaway}

Hi! My name is Sadie Jane from Simply Delicious!
I am so excited and thrilled to be featured on Redberry Barn!
Jenn is so sweet and wonderful! Don't ya' think?
I am a mother, wife and Labor/Delivery nurse
 that is striving to live life to the fullest!
I am obsessed with fashion...especially things
 that start with Shabby Chic!
I love surrounding myself with simply beautiful things
and making beautiful things!
I am sickly, ridiculously and absolutely
in love with my husband and
I really do think my baby is the cutest baby alive!
Am I bias?...I think so!!
I can't live without Nike running shoes,
 family, sweaters, cupcakes, music and my sewing machine.
Hop on over and follow my {simply delicious}
blog where I write about work, play, love, hate,
creativity and everything in between!
Now onto the guest post with one of my creations
that I made with the amazing things from the Canvas Corp Giveaway!

To see Sadie's Tutorial on how she made this, here is the link:

Thank you Sadie for sharing with us your
beautiful Valentine's Creation!
I absolutely LOVE it!
Doesn't she have a Gorgeous family!!!!
I can't wait to see her daughter's room
that she is decorating...I can tell it will be amazing!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Guest Post: Jen from Craft-O-Maniac

I am excited to be here on Jenn's blog today.
Jenn is so talented, so its so fun to be here on her blog.

I am Jen also from CraftOManiac,
and here is a fun craft I made using some
 I started with a 11x14 white canvas board that I taped off.
 Then with black acrylic paint I used a stencil brush
and stenciled in the lines with the paint.
Once the paint was dry, I removed the tape and
added some red glitter glue over some of the black stripes.
I added silver thumb tacks to each corner..
I love embellishing and adding dimension and layers.
I just pushed the tacks into the wood.
 I also wrapped some hounds-tooth ribbon
I had around the bottom and tied a knot.

 I used the Canvas Corp "LIVE LAUGH LOVE" scrap paper
and used my Cricut to cut out a large heart,
I then roughed up the edges with scissors.
I mod podged the heart onto the dry canvas.

Next I used one of the DARLING
Canvas Copr. zebra tags, black jute, and silver clothes pin
to again, add more layers and dimension.
I cut out a smaller heart from my Cricut
and added glitter glue and glitter over the glue for a fun effect.
I love the final product and I don't know what it is but it reminds me of
 NO DOUBT'S LAMB collection and line HA HA, I make myself laugh.
It also reminded me of my sissy so I gave it to her and
she was THE HAPPY recipient of this product.
All though it looks Valentines-ish its really not.
However, you can use it for Valentines.

THANKS SO MUCH Jenn, and thank you Canvas Corp.

What a beautiful project, Jen!  She is definitely a Craft Maniac!
Jen has an eye for decorating and have to go see her blog!!  
Thank you for sharing your project with a tutorial so we can make one too!
Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Canvas Calendar

I just wanted to Spotlight
 for making this beautiful Canvas Calendar! 
{she used Canvas Corp's 10"x10" stretched canvas}
I just loved her color combination that she used, so fresh!
Those Prima flowers are to die for!
I was lucky enough to meet Jamie at CHA last week! 
She is just amazingly talented! 
You have to go check out all of her creations on her blog!
Enjoy your Day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Back from CHA...

I am back from CHA working with Canvas Corp in their booth.
This is Mr. Cow that I made as a fun & funky piece of artwork for the booth.
It took me a good week to make him.  Yes, I decided he was a boy...
We bonded!  I should've counted how many canvas mini shapes that I
used to make him.  The stretched canvas frame was about 3'x6'.  I had him
 laying on my craft table and I had to have a ladder in my room to see what
he looked like from above, it was a workout!
I used all Canvas Corp Products except for the black glitter and button
for his eye!  I guess there were people that wanted to
buy him, that made me feel good.  He will be hanging
at the Canvas Corp home office for now.
Here is a picture of the booth from one end.  I should've waited to get
a picture with the lights on, it was a fun booth to work it.
I just love all of their products, so it was
easy for me to talk to people about everything. 
 This was a media kit that I made
{using all Canvas Corp products except for the black glitter}
It is a 12"x12" chunky canvas frame that I turned around,
lined the inside with burlap and used their rope
to line the outside.  It became a shadow box for the
gift bag scrapbook that I made for the middle.
 Here is the "outside" of our booth. 
I love the old window hanging in the middle of the opening.
There is a Chalkboard Marker out there, I don't know
who makes it, but it was super easy to write
with it on the big chalkboard.
I met so many amazing people at the show from all over the world
and I know that I have developed friendships for life! 
There are some seriously talented people out there!
I am also thankful to be home.  Kristen and I were supposed to fly
home last Tuesday and miss the last day of the show.  The
weather was so bad that our flights kept being cancelled.  I can
say that I wasn't emotionally ready to be gone past Tuesday. 
I got home Friday morning right before the next storm we had.  I am
so thankful for my hubby and family for being patient with me
and supporting me on this adventure!
The Canvas Corp team is just fabulous and there are many more
things to come...just wait and see!!
Have a great day!!