Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It is been a long time...again

Ok, y'all...
Seriously, I am alive and well!
School ends for 2 of my dudes today and then hopefully my Homeschool Dude will be done either today or tomorrow.
Ready for summer...or am I???

I still do not have anything on my walls...nothing new to show in my home.  I do have one set of curtains done, I need to take pictures soon.  I really need someone to hold my hand to decorate my house!  I don't know why it is being so overwhelming to me...  I have been Pinning my Heart out on Pinterest {follow me!!} with so many wonderful ideas and now I will just have to go for it.  I am hoping that this summer will give me the time to focus on making these walls into our home.  We do not have any big vacations planned...more of a stay-cation summer.
 {We now have wood blinds -no more tablecloth curtains-, new gutters and a I guess you can say that I have been doing a few things around the house.}

Here are a couple of pictures of projects that I have made for Canvas Corp, just to have at least something happening on my blog.

I would love to be more creative when wrapping presents for loved ones instead of my ol' stand-by of a bag with tissue...which is great...but I would love to get something like these:  {I wouldn't care if the box was empty even...I just like the wrapping!}

This morning Sam saw his name on this box and started to open it...he was sad to find out it was just a fake present...poor guy!!  He should get something for me using his name on it, right!!
 I love you want to know the main reason why I do?  They are quick and instant creating that doesn't take hours to do!!!  I just love all of the Canvas Corp products!

Coral and Navy = Delish!

Enjoy your day!!