Monday, June 14, 2010


Here are a couple cards that I made last week.
This was for Tommy's little friend, Caroline.
I made the rosette barrette out of red satin and added toile with some bling.
{We also got her a Sonic gift card, yum!}
The base of the card is a 6"x6" red square.
Then cut out a 4"x8" strip of black & white paper, fold in half for the middle part that opens up.
I punched a little hole on the side of the top of the card to attach the barrette.
This was a graduation card for a beautiful girl in our ward.  She had an awesome Graduation announcement card.  That picture on the card is of her wearing her red boots. 
I gave her the red peony barrette, she will look so cute wearing it!
I have some last minute YW Camp crafts to put together.  I have to be there tomorrow and Thursday for only a few hours, my mom is so nice to be my assistant.  I only had $200 budget to come up with as many crafts as I can for 160 girls!  We were able to stretch it and have 6 crafts for them to make.  I will post pictures.  It is supposed to be yucky weather most of the week, so hopefully I can keep the crafts dry!  I haven't been to YW Camp since 1989 {I only went 2 years and that was all I could handle}! 
 I haven't missed it, I'm not much of a mom on the other hand LOVES it! :)
Have a fabulous day!


  1. The barrette/gift card is such a good idea! Beautiful, as always. :o)

  2. 160 girls....holy mondo girls camp Batman! I've been so luck to avoid girls camp as an adult. I got dragged kicking and screaming as a girl...and so far I've avoided having to go. I think I should continue artfully swearing in front of the "right" people. It seems to be working for me!! :)
    (those red flowers are dynamite....PS)

  3. Jenn, stop by my blog on Thursday ;).

  4. Such adorable cards. Wow - whoever gets those is going to keep them forever - they are gorgeous!


  5. Very cute cards! Sometimes I have great ideas, then other times...nothing, I'll keep this in mind, would make a great card for my niece!


  6. Just came across your blog. You're so talented! Thanks for posting your great ideas. I'm going to have to try some of them!