Friday, July 2, 2010

I think I made a LARGE Rosette! {more Magnolia Junk!}

I taught the ladies at "enrichment night" last night how to make these rolled rosettes.  I decided at the last minute to make one large one that has several {around 8 or so} long strips of fabric going round and round.
I love how this turned out for Kate's room.
I have had that striped pillow forever and I am glad that it has new life!!
Today's teaser for the stuff we have been doing over at Magnolia Junk!!
Leslie and I are going to go to Eclipse tonight!!  For some reason Bill isn't interested in seeing it....:)

My Pillow was featured!


  1. Love the rosette! So cute, is there a tutorial some where ?? Could be I just couldn't find it!! LOL Thanks love the things that you do.

  2. The pillow is gorgeous! I love the rosette!

  3. I love that Rosette! Can you come to my Enrichment night and teach us? Love your blog, adorable.

    Just saw Eclipse with my daughter tonight. This is Friday night, she has seen it three times already. 13 and showing her age perfectly. No, my husband didn't want to come either.

  4. I love your blog!! You are amazingly talented. Do you have a tutorial for the rosettes that you make? I would love to try one. Also, you mentioned that you could send a pattern for your cute pillow and welcome sign. My email is if you wouldn't mind sending it to me! Thanks.

  5. love the one on the pillow! I love your blog and seeing your talent... keep up the great work!

  6. Thanks for sharing your brilliant ideas - I too love the rosettes! Keep up the great work.