Friday, September 10, 2010

What I've been up to, besides being a mom of 4...

I have been a slacker again about posting.  I have been crazy busy with every aspect of my life, I know that all of you can understand completely! :)
Leslie and I had a booth at a consignment sale with my sister and sister-in-law.
We made an assortment of hair accessories.
This is what didn't sale and is now for sale at our local flea market.
We decided to do the booth about 2 weeks before, so we were in a mad rush to make over 200 items.
I told my mom that if I ever had the thought to do a booth again to knock me over my head and remind me of how stressful it is!! :)
I am trying to do what my signs says "Live Simply"!
This is my small mudroom/laundry room that is also a hallway that leads to the garage.
I was wanting something a little more wood/worn for my shelving, but until I find the perfect piece, this will do.  I bought it at Lowe's today...super easy to put together.
While I was loading the box into my cart, on the other side of the isle I spotted these fabulous metal buckets.  They were only $7 each, cheaper than a lot of the woven baskets that I was checking out.
Then, I went down the "numbers" isle by the mailboxes and grabbed these numbers.  So, each kid has a number according to their birth.  I put Kate up top because I figured that I would be reaching for her stuff right now.  I was tired of tripping over shoes and backpacks!
I look forward to having everything in its place!  Crossing fingers!
This is the before shot.  I am planning on Bill {he doesn't know yet} to put up some beadboard and rearrange the hooks for the I will have updates soon!
It is not a very big my dream house I will have a separate room that is dedicated to the mudroom and laundry...I will be dreamin' for a long time!
Kate and I had a field trip to HobLob today...only to buy 1 item.
I came home with more, as always!
I have to make something festive for my front door.
I have something in mind, I hope that it turns out!
One more little Magnolia Junk item that we altered using burnt satin roses!  The picture really doesn't do it really is cute! :)
Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I have been tempted to do a craft show but never have the motivation to make tons of stuff ahead of time! I hope you do well at the flea market! And your laundry room is so cute, I swear we have the same laundry room design! And I can't wait to see what you make for the front door!

  2. I love all your recent creations (last 10 posts)! Thanks for posting again!~