Thursday, March 10, 2011

Card Sets...a Necessity

I made these cards today...
I have a little tutorial on the Canvas Corp Blog about it
I need to replenish my card supply.  I love having homemade cards
on hand ready to go...birthdays, thank you, blank cards and etc.
I found this beauty at the Flea Market yesterday. It is amazing how
I go in there just wanting to get one thing and I come out
with a load!  I just can't help myself.
Now I just have to find the perfect place for it.
Have a beautiful day!


  1. Super cute! I love the mix of the polka dots, kraft, and banners.

  2. These are great. You're so smart to make them ahead of time... love 'em! Malia

  3. Just started following you via networked blogs-- I am so sorry I thought I already was... xo Malia

  4. and i love those cards-- i don't think my first comment went thru!

  5. love your new blog design and fetching! great are right, it is always nice to have notes on hand.

  6. Very creative...I love this.