Friday, September 9, 2011

Question for all of you DIY-ers...

Ok...I haven't called any painting companies yet to get estimates for painting my cabinets.  I happened to find on someone's blog {I forgot which one} them talking about the new Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation Kits.  I had to check into it...I am all about saving money when it comes down to it.  I may have to recruit my sisters or sweet talk my dad into helping me if we decide to go this route.  I found this picture of someone's after picture that they posted on the Rust-Oleum website.

If you have tried this product, please give me your feedback on what you thought of it.  I really like the idea of no sanding!

I might just try it out on my kid's bathroom cabinets first and see how it goes...
This is a picture of the kit:

Kit Contents

Just a few items:
I have been working on a lot of upcoming projects for Canvas Corp, so I can't show them yet.  Lots of new and exciting things happening at Canvas Corp...I can't wait to announce them!

I made these flowers for the gals that work with Bill. Pam requested a huge orange/red flower for a hat that she bought on a trip...I still need to make her a huge black and white satin one.  The large flower is about the size of a small saucer plate.  I made the black satin one for Janet, even though she didn't request one...I hope that she likes it!

My little Sam has been so cute, he has been coming up to me asking if he could "decorate" {he means scrap}.  He has been making Go Utah State signs for our fridge, it is covered with signs...I love that he is being creative!  He loves the decorative scissors.  We are soooooo bummed that Utah State barely lost to Auburn last week!  It was such a great game, especially playing the former National Champions! 
This is a project I did for Canvas Corp's booth at CHA. That sweet little guy in the picture is my darlin' nephew, Cameron.  He is seriously the cutest thing ever!
I made it using a 12"x12" stretched canvas and layered a 10"x10" stretched canvas on top.  It is a really fun project.

These are Mr. Cameron's hands, his picture is on a 4"x6" stretched canvas.  I would love to cover a wall with all different sizes of canvases just like this!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ohhh...I want to try that too on my bathroom cabinet. I had the kitchen ones lacquered last year when we re-did the kitchen (so not touching those) but the bathroom cabinets...mucho help needed! Cannot wait to see what people have to say.

    Your flowers are so pretty and I LOVE your style on that sweet canvas of your nephew!

  2. sister in law used the rustoleum cabinet transformer kit on her kitchen and it turned out AMAZING. Like...looks like she had new cabinets installed kind of amazing! She said it was A LOT Of work but totally worth how much money she saved DIYing it. Let me find a the post on her kitchen and I will send you the link.
    I LOVE that your little man scraps with you and I love the project that you made for the booth. BEAUTIFUL!


    Ok thats the link to her kitchen...befores and afters :)

  4. I can't help you on the cabinets, but I would love to know what you learn. I would love to paint our kitchen cabinets one day!

    These canvases are absolutely DARLING! I'm infatuated with the stacked one. So precious!!

  5. I havent tried the cabinet transformations, but I have tried the countertop transformations by Rustoleum. It was amazing! Soooooo easy, and my countertops were in bad condition because they had tile overtop of the laminate and it covered all the scratches and dents so perfectly. They look great!

  6. Your friend Kelly is my best friend Kelly from her Boise days! So glad to have her back just 1 state over! My cabinets are also builder grade oaks--so I am thrilled to know what you find out here! I put in beautiful dark hard wood floors and need to do the cabinets next!