Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Stuff

This Christmas Season I thought that I could just get rid of most of my Christmas decor and start fresh and new.  I have had most of my decor for the 15 years that Bill and I have been married and they are getting a little worn, plus I am getting board of the same ol' stuff.  This month, even though it is just the first, is already bringing on new change for our family.  I am trying not to feel overwhelmed with what will be on our family's "plate".  I guess that my idea of starting over on our Christmas decor will have to wait until next year.

Until then...I will just get on Pinterest and DREAM!!

Do I have time to make something like this?  {source}
Pinned Image

A Christmas Banner is a staple in the decor department...right!? {source}
Pinned Image

What an easy way to dress up a mantle or table! {source}
Pinned Image cute is this!  I think this would be fun to make with the kids.
Pinned Image
Enjoy your First of December Day!

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