Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A little peek...

We have officially been in our home for a month now and I still haven't hung a thing.  I am having a hard time committing to putting holes in the walls.  My decor from the previous house is having a hard time telling me where to go...

When we first moved in, my parents helped put suspension rods with my tableclothes on them to at least have some windows have privacy.  The blinds guy came over yesterday to measure...sticker shock!!!  We are not putting blinds in this big window in the Living Room, Dining Room and Office.  I want plantation shutters for the office {front window} and dining room.  That will be waiting for another day...

  For the eat-in kitchen I am just going to make valances on the three windows.  I am thinking of trying to make roman shades for the door window on the right in the picture.
 This is the fabric that I bought for the kitchen area.  When I saw it, I just fell in love with is pricey for my budget but I figured that I needed the least yardage in that area. {via Mary Jo's fabric click HERE}
 This is the fabric for the curtains in the Living Room...another love at first sight for me.  I think that it will help add color in there with so much tan/browns going on. {via, click HERE for details} It was a better price point to order 9 yards to be able to make the curtains.  I just use hem tape and do an iron-on hem for the curtains, one of these days I will learn to really sew is on my bucket list!
 Just another view, it is a pretty open space...

Any ideas for this niche in the wall between the dining room and kitchen?  I was thinking of finding a quadrifoil stencil or some kind of geometric design and adding some color there.  Bill and I are not in the mood to paint the whole house.  The tan is just fine for the next 10 years...:)

 Hopefully I can start on some projects soon...still working on organizing my craft room to do projects.  Things are starting to get back to a routine, thankfully!

Enjoy your day!


  1. We just moved into a new home, too. We've been here for a month now. Like you, I haven't had the heart to start pounding nails in my new walls yet!

    We had Lowes install 2" wide faux wood blinds in all the windows of our home. I couldn't be happier with them! We had first considered real wood even though they are pricey. But, the faux will hold up in extreme sunlight better. At this time, we aren't even considering any other window treatments. We love the woodwork and the blinds so well that we're going to live with just them for a while.

    Have a great night!


  2. Gorgeous home!!! YOU GO on sewing your own!