Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mr. Spider...Bead Art

I have been wanting to make Mr. Spider for a while, I finally sat down and made him!
 While I was online looking for a good spider for inspiration, I found this cross stitch pattern.
I just used a little sharpie pen and made tiny dots on the orange satin to mark my pattern
{I "eye balled" it, so it isn't perfect at all!}.
I had to make it smaller because
I have a small frame to put it in.
 Once I got in my groove sewing the tiny beads, it didn't take too long!  Super easy project to do!
Have a Scary Day!
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  1. Wow - great job!! I'll put it on my TT&J facebook page and link over to you!


  2. CUTE! I love the big black beads. You can almost feel the texture. Super Duper!

    Jennie @ CInnaberry Suite

  3. SO stinkin cute! Your rocked it!

  4. spooky! You are so crafty! Are you going to make some Halloween bags? Pottery barn has some inspiration! Check out this tutorial,

  5. Very creative! I love the texture the beads give the spider. Looks fab!