Monday, October 4, 2010

My projects for "Super Thursday"

In our ward, we have started to have our "Super Saturday" craft day on Thursday nights.  Last year when we had it on Thursday we started at 6pm and we were cleaned up, lights out by 9:20pm.  You know how that is a huge deal when you are dealing with dozens of fun ladies doing crafts. 
I am actually in Young Women's now, but the new "Enrichment" leader asked me to do a couple of flowers.
I have been trying to let the sisters know that you can make these even if you don't have little girls.  I have been "marketing" it by giving them other ideas of how to use them...on their belts, purses, boots, present toppers, brooches, and more...

With this felt flower, I just made a little template of a petal and cut out 7 petals for the base layer and 5 for the next layer.  The middle circle has clear beads that are sewn on.  You can make about 4 complete flowers on one sheet of felt.
 Kate has finally started getting hair on top {she has mostly had a "party in the back" kind of hair}.  She was so busy when I was taking these pictures.  
Have a Beautiful Monday!!


  1. Those are just so cute! I am doing a project for our Super Saturday too. I am so glad not to be in charge of it this year!!! I think I did it for 5 years in a row - lol. So doing one project feels so good. I love those flowers. I am sure your ladies will be thrilled!!


  2. this is adorable, do you share your patterns? our ward is kinda weird and the ladies voted against any sort of crafty enrichment...i think i might live on another planet or something. Anyway i totally count on fellow crafty lady bloggers for my "crafty enrichment" your blog.

  3. Oooh! I love your Rolled Rose! So cute!
    You should do some sort of tutorial for that - my daughter will need lots of cute bows!