Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last day of May...& a note about Joplin, MO

Time is flyin'...
This is the May layout of the Canvas Corp Calendar sample that
I made.  I just love how simple this one turned out!
I cut the top parts of the Canvas Mini Heart Shapes to create the
scalloped border around the butterfly.
 This is an angle to show the dimension.
The black tag is actually "chalkstock" and can be written & erased like
an actual blackboard.  On this tag I wrote with a permanent marker.
 Canvas Corp sells blank calendar grids, I just made the title part and stamped the numbers in.
 I just have to say that my thoughts and prayers are with all of those who have been suffering through these horrible tornadoes this year.  A lot of the storms were so close to us.  One night the sirens went off around 5 times, we were exhausted with the anxiety of the unknown path of these massive storms.

About 550 men from our church went up and served the people of Joplin this past weekend.  They organized themselves into teams and were able to help a lot of people.  I was so happy that my husband, Bill, was able to go up for 2 days, it was a very humbling sight.  My brother and 2 brother-in-laws were up there also.  They saw the devastation first hand and the pictures cannot show what it really looks like.  They heard so many heart-wrenching stories of what these people went through.  If you can donate either your time or money to help where you can...please do so! 
All of the men from our church wore yellow shirts.  My brother-in-law, Steven, happened to make it on ABC Nightly News last Saturday.  While they were filming him working he happened to hit his finger with a hammer and he was looking at it like "ouch"...:)

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