Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Girl's Camp Craft...wall hanging

This is the 13th Article of Faith Wall Hanging Craft that I had the girls do {in my faith we have 13 Articles of Faith that we believe in, see link}.  It was so simple to put together because it is more of a scrapbooking project so I just had papers and embellishments out with the printout of the Article of Faith.
I collected boxes for about a month from others and cut them out about a 7"x9" pieces to act as the base for the project.  I just wanted it to be sturdy to hang on the wall.
 {If you want the .jpg of the design just leave a comment with your email}

 This is the one that I made up...It will look cute on Kate's wall.

I took a picture of a couple of wall hangings that the girls did at camp.

Here is a picture of the stack of boxes that I had to cut up.  I just sat myself in front of the tv and watched "The Next Food Network Star", just a little heads fingers got little blisters from the scissors from cutting, it was worth it!


  1. I'd like the jpeg for sure!

  2. This is such a cute idea. Please send me the jpg....

    Thank you

    Andrea007thompson at gmail dot com

  3. Thanks Jenn for posting pictures of how they turned out! The are adorable *eek* I can't wait to make them with my girls. Thanks again for sending the files to me.

    Love your creatively!


  4. so cute, love it. You are so perfect in YW. winks-jen

  5. please end me the jpg....thanks

  6. darling, could I also get the jpg?

  7. these are great! I would love the jpg!
    weholman at gmail dot com
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love this idea. Could you please send me the jpg?

  9. These are darling!!! Could I please have a copy?

    Is it possible to print this out at Costco for like a 5 x 7 print?


  10. Sooo cute! I know I'm a bit late, but would love this for Activity Days. Thanks!

  11. I'd love it too, hope I'm not too late:) Thanks

  12. I'm in charge of Girls Camp this year. Any chance I could still get this jpg? I'd love to incorporate it into my crafts!