Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Have you ever...

wanted to start all over?
It has taken years for me to accumulate all of the nic-nacs and decor for my house.  But, I almost feel that my taste has been starting to change or maybe I am starting to get into more of a modern clean feel.  Lately I have been so attracted to the Coastal/Beach look...clean, crisp.
{p.s. I am totally addicted to Pinterest...pictures from there}
Dream Kitchen:
Is it because I want to go to the beach really bad?
One of these days I will have a house with cedar shingles! 
I really love the non-fussy, easy going look...
A couple of months ago I loaned a lot of my decor to my friend, Kelly, that was needing to stage her house to sell. Well, I have forgotten the majority of what I let her borrow until she has sold her house and is moving on Friday {I am totally going to miss her!!!}.  She brought back all of my stuff, as you can see in my picture, a few days ago and it is just sitting in my entryway.  I am seriously thinking of selling all of it at the flea market and starting over.{I want to keep the table and the grass}
Have you ever done that...completely start over with a new look?
Do you get attached to something that you have for decor and don't think you can part with it?
What do you think?


  1. ALL THE TIME!!! It's so frustrating sometimes.. but since I love DIY projects I guess there is always something to do & work on. haha. I love all the pictures you posted.. lots of dreaming and inspiration! Thanks for the post :)

  2. I feel the same way, but I was thinking maybe it was the 7 year itch, as we have been in our house 7 years this Nov. We are both wanting to change things up a bit. I too am addicted to Pinterest, and I think the reason I am so drawn to the clean lines and freshness of all the decor and pictures there is because of just that...its CLEAN LOL, my house is never clean.

  3. we live in a mid-century condo..and it is decorated in the style...i keep toying with the idea of putting in crown molding and filling the place with comfy sitting chairs and warm lighting.

  4. What??? Don't take it to the flea market, I'll buy it!!! My house is empty, as you know.