Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pinterest Saved Me...

Our drive to Utah is very long and extremely boring.  When I had spots of internet coverage, I took advantage of it and spent most of the time pinning fabulous finds to my Pinterest boards.  It seriously saved me from going crazy on the trip. {Kate had to watch Chicken Little a million times, whatever it takes to keep her happy!}

Here are a few of my latest Pinterest finds that make me so happy!!
This is a sign from  I need one of brother-in-law calls me "y'all" because it is a part of my vocabulary.  Plus, I think he is secretly jealous that he doesn't live in the South.
I love this picture of President Monson!  {from}
My dream house is a brand new house that looks old!  I would love this one!! {source unknown}
Along with my dream house, I would love this dream functional room!!  All-in-one for the modern, creative mother!!  {from}
There are tons of hair design ideas!  I love this side braid/ponytail look! {source unknown}
Aren't these gorgeous!!  I would love to wear them in the fall! {}
I want this in my entryway!!! {}
Avocado Chicken Salad from, please!  Anything with Avocados in it I will eat!!
I love how open and bright this kitchen is...It would be a perfect backdrop while I am eating those yummy Avocados!!
Have a wonderful day!!


  1. O M G Those pics make me covet. I need to stay away. I do need to get on Pinterest though. I know I would like it. :)

  2. I need to come find you on Pinterest. I LOVE it there! That room functional room! die for. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Great pins. Keep sharing. The kitchen is my fav!
    Oh, and the shoes!

  4. That avocado chicken salad is making my mouth water... I think avocados have been on sale at aldis right? I'm totally going and getting some tomorrow.