Saturday, August 13, 2011

Purge, baby, Purge

Today I am purging and cleaning-out closets.  It takes a while when you have so much stuff between 6 people.  I have had to use the thought process...'have I worn this in the past year, 6mo...' 'has Tommy played with this toy in the past 6mo...'& etc.  I am a natural born pack-rat and because I usually think, "oh, maybe one day I will make a purse out of those old jeans"
It is time to let go.  We don't know what our future looks like right now so besides just cleaning out our house, we may move one of these days {we have grown out of our house!}

These are some inspiring pictures that I have found...I can have cute closets {dream!} I love how the clothes are color coded and the cabinets!
I have to remember to only keep what I wear!

I can see this being a fun and functional closet for Kate.  I think I am going to try to fit her little kitchen in her closet for more room in her bedroom.  We'll see.  Her bedroom is first on my list to decorate...soon!
Have a wonderful weekend!
I want to hear about your closets and your secrets of keeping it clean and functional!


  1. Great Organizational skills. You can come organize my closets. :)

  2. when my sister moved out, i got her bedroom, and i completely organized my stuff in advance to make it easier! it was way fun, and now my closet is never messy. everything has it's place, and if it isn't there, it's in the laundry, or in a small pile by my wall that is taken care of, it's not strewn all over the house or bedroom! thank you for inspiring me!

  3. Where did you find this stuff at?? I want to pick up stuff!