Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Fun Giveaway...

Julie from the Etsy Shop Miss Pretty Pretty 
is having a Giveaway of her amazing
Felt Card Table Playhouses
(worth up to $200)
over at the she wears flowers blog.

Miss Pretty Pretty's Card Table Playhouses fit over a standard size card table,
but can be folded up and put away when not in use. {woo-hoo!}
These playhouses are fun and educational. Each playhouse also has
interactive pieces for hours of imaginative and busy play.
Miss Pretty Pretty is so creative and has
thought of even the smallest details for her playhouses.

 Aren't these seriously the cutest playhouses you have ever seen! 
Julie has pre-made playhouses, as well as patterns to make your own.
 I remember when I was little, my mom would find a big quilt and
 lay on top of our card table
so we can have fun with our imaginations. 
My siblings and I would play for hours in it! 
I would've loved something this customized when I was that age. 
I know that my kids would love one right now.
 I am in love with this fire house themed one! 
What a great gift idea for any little one that you know!
 How sweet is this...
 I have to make this one for Kate.
Since she is the only girl with 3 brothers in the house,
she has been playing with cars so much
that she has moved all of the matchbox cars
into her bedroom.  She makes the noises and everything.
 It comes in a handy bag to store away, a plus in a mother's book!

Check out Julie's amazing
collection of playhouses and more
in her etsy shop HERE.
Then go and enter the giveaway over at Tammy's blog
Enjoy your Spring Day!


  1. This are so gorgeous and so smart! Wouldn't these be nice for grandma and grandpa to tuck away for when the little ones visit?

    Please drop by our blogwarming giveaway and enter to win six antique blue mason jars.

  2. Thanks for the link to the giveaway! I have one daughter that grew up with 2 brothes so I totally get your "matchbox cars" story! She had her favorite match box cars growing up! She even loved action figures!LOL

  3. I still have my "matchbox car" collection somewhere... (I grew up with 4 brothers and 1 sister on a farm.)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these card table play houses!
    I think my grandsons would like the train one (shown on the Etsy sight)!