Wednesday, June 20, 2012


First of all, buying a new camera has become first priority for me now!  My camera is just not doing anything has seen better days.  I hope to say farewell to is soon, Sam has already called dibs on it.

Any suggestions on what kind of camera I should get?  I am torn between a Nikon and a Canon...


Today I made my first trip to Hobby Lobby in seriously 6 months, no joke!  I can't believe that I lasted that long without going there, I guess you can say that I have saved a lot of money.

They are having their knobs on 1/2 off and the first thing I thought of was this little storage table and how it would be fun to add a little bit of color to it...

 I know that it is hard to tell, but these are turquoise knobs that are antiqued.  I fell in love instantly!
 I have been thinking of painting this piece of furniture a little lighter so that it isn't such a black hole in the room, this is a great solution for in the mean time...
 My iphone doesn't take the picture any!
Enjoy your day!


  1. Hi Jenn!
    I just found your blog through "Yesterday on Tuesday's" facebook page.
    So glad I did!
    I just wanted to comment about your new camera question.
    I recently purchased a new camera (Canon EOS Rebel T3), mainly to take better photos for my blog and I just LOVE it! Here is a link to the post I did on it in case you are interested: I think you'd like it, it's very easy to use and takes beautiful photos! I had never had ANY of my blog photos pinned on Pinterest before until I used this camera and the first post I did using photos from it, they were pinned! It brought my blog more traffic and I was pretty happy!
    I am now a happy follower here...hope you'll stop by and check out my blog if you get a chance!
    Lisa H.

  2. love the knobs-- so cute! I'm actually on the prowl for a similar table for our kitchen. Haven't found what I am looking for yet. So hard to have patience.

    I'm a Canon girl all the way. I use a 60D and a Canon 24-70L lens for 99% of my pictures. LOVE it.

  3. Hi there! How's the house coming along?!?! I love what you do and can't wait to see the new place!!