Friday, June 15, 2012

Thinking about Mantles...

Ok, sorry about these pictures...not very good one of our mantle.  The mantle actually wraps around so I have areas on both sides to decorate.  I realize that our temple picture is not the right scale, it is covering the plug-in box...just a temporary fix.

This is a "black hole" area of the living room, light doesn't make it over here very well.  I found these lamps at Marshall's last week to help lighting up the mantle.  They seemed so big at the store but almost look like dwarfs on the mantle.  I was a little worried about what Bill would think of the lamps, but he loves them because they are a really pretty blue/clear color.  I'm glad that he approved.

 I didn't realize until I put these pictures on that my lampshade is  I have visions of a few years down the road painting the fireplace an off-white {to match the trim} to lighten it up and keep the mantle stained...  I don't know if Bill will go for that or not, he is totally in love with the wood, I am mixed.

I just want to share a few mantles that I love...
This one is from the talented Layla and Kevin at The Lettered Cottage.  They just posted their most recent mantle change today, it is awesome.  Click HERE.
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I really love that mirror...that would really help reflect light for us on that side of the room!  A round mirror would help soften the hard edges of the fireplace.
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I love how the mirror is long and the frames are lined up on both sides {I know this isn't a "mantle" but I like the design...except for the bust, not into those}.  Bill will not let me nail any holes into the wood on the fireplace, so this might have to wait until I can talk him into painting it...
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I just adore this new blog I just found called: 52Mantels
I think it would be fun to really change the mantle out for every holiday...
Maybe having some kind of neutral piece that I can just change out a couple of things?

I am obsessed with Delta Girl Distressing Frames, this one below is seriously gorgeous!!
It is very LARGE, you can see compared to the Christmas tree and chair...wouldn't something like this be cool and have a mirror inside it?  Chalkboard?  Cool family picture?
more of her frames...Click HERE for her Etsy shop.
Can you see why I am obsessing...:)

Hopefully, I can figure it all out is definitely one of the first projects I need to get done! 
I have way too many!
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Jen- I just made a frame like the Delta Girl frames last week! It was a heartburner of a project... I'm not that crafty, but I also didn't want to drop $135 for the 2ft by 2ft frame I wanted. I'm putting it in the hallway right outside of the kitchen. I'll have a post on my blog next week that shows how I made it. (it's black and white distressed, with a chunky chevron print on the backboard.

  2. What cool ideas! I think that your mantle belongs with all of them. I'm going to have to stop by frequently because as a decorator, I'm hopeless. I need loads of inspo!