Thursday, January 17, 2013


Just a little update to show where I am on my project goals for the week that I talked about on Monday.  I did finish the curtains, but I am just waiting for Mr. Bill to put the new curtain rods up in the kitchen.  So excited!
Here is my version of the Heart Pictures.  This was actually so fun to look through all of my pictures and I realized that I haven't been printing them lately, just saving on the computer.  I want to add a little banner that says "Love at Home" or something like that.
I still need to find something to put in that glass container...

I wanted to make a quick and simple wreath to hang to the side of the Heart Photos.  I just wrapped a straw wreath form with some Tanya Weyland fabric {a part of a stash that I have been hoarding}.  Then I made a bow using American Crafts glitter ribbon.  I made a fringe using 6 layers of white streamers.  Nothing to it really...
You make this bow by making two circles and layering them, then attach a small circle around the middle.  I then cut two long strips and attached them on the back.
**Annoucing a Project Fail**
I bought the Studio Calico wood states {2 of them actually} and was under the assumption that the states were all the same size...well, folks...they are not.  Look at Texas, Alaska and California for instance...the biggest states are the smallest.  So my thought of just attaching them to paper/fabric isn't going to work...and look how cute my hexagon frame is.  I am not sure what I will do now, I will have to come back to this.  I thought they would be cute for individual pendants or just random on cards/layouts when they make sense.
A little sneak picture of my front door "wreath", I am waiting for the E6000 adhesive to dry on the back before I hang it.  {hint:  I used a silver cheap-o charger as the base and homemade paper feathers}

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