Friday, January 11, 2013

Rugs Update...

I thought I would show a few pics of the rugs that I bought last week from, all I have to say is NEVER pay full price for rugs, wait until they are having a huge sale, I got these for 65% off.  They work out perfect in my house because I am trying to get pattern and color into my tan/brown house.

This rug is supposed to be "soft grey", it has a purplish tone to it...I layered it on our jute rug by the fireplace that has grey stone, hoping that would tie some gray color in.  {Radiante Ning Ikat Soft Grey Rug, Link}

Oh my goodness, y'all...our office really needs help!  This rug is a great start for sure!  It is charcoal grey, even though it looks bluish in this picture.  The interesting thing about this rug is the white patterned part is raised a little compared to the charcoal part, just in case you were thinking about getting one.  {Homespun Moroccan Trellis Charcoal Rug, Link}
The walls are a putty, khaki color that is on the dark side for me, I would LOVE to add board and battan to it...I will have to convince Bill to help me, which will be difficult {he would rather "chew broken glass" it what he would say to}
I would like a gallery wall of pictures on the wall straight ahead with random sizes and frames...very eclectic.  To the left is our front room window, to the right is the computer armoire {black shutters on the front}, then to the immediate left the piano is against that wall.
With the chevron rug, it worked perfect in the dining room to layer on the current rug.  The blues in real life match more than it looks like in this picture.  This table was Bill's grandparents that we inherited, which is a blessing for us because dining room furniture is not cheap.  It is a really pretty color and I hope to find new chairs to it eventually...I will be on the look out.
{Homespun Chevron Light Blue Rug, Link}
This table acts like a second computer room and homework table for the boys, which has been nice.  We just took Christmas down, so everything seems so bare.  I still have the Christmas cards up in the card fixture in the corner.  The frame on the buffet table will be actually hung on the other side of the room and will be a seasonal decor piece.  I painted the buffet {really it is bedroom furniture, it is great storage for linens} and frame the same color and added a layer of wax on top for it not to be too flat. 
This room has that venetian plaster texture to it, so I have been hesitant to put holes in the wall...because how in the world are you supposed to patch holes in plaster?  So committing to the hole in the wall here has been hard. lol.
***Work in progress***

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Love the rugs!! Funny I ordered the same homespun chevron light blue rug and am waiting to get it. My friend has the same trellis rug as you. I love that they had them so inexpensive!! Your house is darling!!

  2. oh my goodness. Jenn it all looks fabulous! Will you come help me decorate?! LOL.

    PS- tell Bill that the board and batten really sold your old house to me. Tell him it's to "up" the house's resale value ;) Maybe that will help him "chew glass" LOL

  3. I love them, Jen! You have great taste! What about a cute tufted settee for the office? Target is having a pretty decent sale online right now. I just got 2 settees and a loveseat for my living room. Now I wish I'd gotten a rug, too! Beautiful choices.

  4. those rugs are all gorgeous...I am thinking of buying the chevron one at 50% off. Do you have any idea when they do 65% off? I'm wavering back and forth between the navy, which seems so bold and scary and the one you have.