Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life Story Scrapbook

My friend "commissioned" me to put together a
scrapbook for a co-worker's mom. 
It is a surprise for her,
I hope that she will enjoy it! 
She had typed up several pages of her life story
and I was able to put it together for her. 
I would've loved to show you how I scrapped the pages,
but for her privacy I won't.
I bought a pack of GCD Brand "Paris Nights" paper
that had flocked damask and foiled papers. 
It was a very classy set of papers to use for a "life story" kind of scrapbook. 
The scrapbook is red linen and I bought
that little "P" {her last name initial} at Hobby Lobby.
I haven't really scrapped in a while...I am really behind in doing scrapbooking for my family. 
Maybe it will be one of my many things that I need to add to my New Year's Resolution List!! :)

1 comment:

  1. I, too, am soo behind on my scrapbooking too. I did one for my son when he was born and I'll do one for the next one if he/she comes along, but until then I'm on scrapbook vacay!
    That's so sweet for you to have done that. I know firsthand how much time goes in to those sorts of things!