Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanksgiving quote & YWIE night

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This is a quote that my Grandma had written on her
check register years ago. 
She must have seen or heard it somewhere and had to write it down. 
I just love having it in my Grandma's Handwriting.
My aunt had it framed.  It says:
"We are all Pilgrims on the Journey of Life. 
We travel in harmony through Brotherhood,
or we perish along the way through strife."
I just think of the faith that the first Pilgrims had traveling in horrible
conditions to find a better life and for them to worship as
they want.  I know that all of us have a special journey in life
and it all depends on our attitude and to be thankful always.
 Last week was our Young Women in Excellence Program at church.  It was very successful!!  Our theme was "Night of Stars, Reflecting Heaven's Light".  We wanted an "Oscar Night" vibe.  We had the Priests in our ward escort each Young Woman out in front of our "Paparazzi" wall seen here.  They had their picture taken there.  We had previously asked them this question:  "My favorite value is_____, Because______."  While they were walking the red carpet we announced the YW's answer to the question.  We had someone playing the piano softly in the background. 
 Close up of the stars that I made for our Value Paparazzi Wall.
 Just a view before it started.  I was able to borrow a real read carpet for the paparazzi wall.  
{bottom left in the picture}
 We had delicious refreshments. 
You can't ever go wrong with a chocolate fountain!  :)
One of the leaders made a beautiful fondant cake!
After the girls sang the opening song {Courageous and Strong}, our Bishop and Young Women President gave talks.  Then we had an awards assembly.  We bought the girls little trophies {from Oriental Trading} and gave them awards based on a Value Experience or Value Project that they have been working on this year.  Some of the awards were:  Designing Diva, Pit Stop Princess {for learning more about how to take care of her car}, Quilting Queen, Stellar Scientist, Scripture Immersion {for reading the BofM in a month}, and so on.
We have an amazing group of Young Women!

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  1. love this! makes me wish i was back in yw! (just not as camp director again!)