Monday, October 24, 2011

KC Temple and a Birthday Banner

Bill and I had a little "get-a-way" to Kansas City last week and we drove around to find the Kansas City LDS Temple that is still under construction.  It is gorgeous!  The details are amazing.  The windows have a really pretty turquoise color to them, like a patina.  They were working on the landscape and the parking lot the day we drove by.  This picture that I took doesn't do it justice of how beautiful it is!
 Today was one of my hubby's co-workers birthday.  As you can see...her name is Janet!  I tried to make it pretty simple, I used a paper pack of GCD paper.  I hope that she liked it.
 Side view of the banner. It is hard to tell, but the floral paper is flocked and the dot paper has a pretty sheen to it.
What is it about having a banner pinned up for a birthday celebration?  I don't know, but I hope to have one myself one of these day...I will probably have to make it myself! :)

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  1. You were near my house!!! Did you get to go downtown to see the new Kauffman Center? It is so amazing! =)