Monday, October 10, 2011

Pinterest Finds...

A Place for Us Blog has a tutorial on how to make these beautiful paper bag flowers!  In love and will make for sure!  I think they will be pretty using white bags also.

This one is actually from Pottery Barn, but it inspired us, in the Young Women's Presidency, to make chandeliers for our Young Women in Excellence program next month!  I am going to start punching out circles tonight, we are making 1 large one and 2 medium sized ones {332 circles for the large chandelier and 860 circles for the other 2!}  We decided to use shiny, silver wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby.  I can't wait to make them and take a picture of them to share.  I think that it will be fantastic for a wonderful night for the YW!!
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First of all, I would love to paint my piano white like this one and second...isn't this so awesome!  I love how she made the banner have several layers!  This is from Carina Gardner, she has PDF files to download on how she made this...I want to make this!!

I am inspired once I will have to go and do!!
I have been still working on my purging of my home decor and etc.  I am sending them to the flea market to sell just in time for the craft fairs this weekend!  My house is starting to look bare...but it is a good thing!

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