Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Floral Hanging Ball {Tutorial}

I made this today because my sister & niece {3 mo.old} were coming over so I can take pictures of Baby A in her blessing dress.  I thought it would be fun to hang it above her in a picture, we didn't make it to that point today because we were working too close to her naptime.  I did get some fantastic pictures though of her in the beautiful vintage blessing dress laying on black and white toile {I can say vintage because all of us girls wore it in our blessings, plus all of our daughters}.
This again is my first time to make something like this.  I pretty much used the same techniques that I did for the paper wreath in the previous post. 
{I used stuff that I had on hand for this project, it probably cost about: $3.50 or so}
I used pinking shears {of course!!!}.  I had 3 sheets of tissue paper that I cut into 5"x5" pieces.  I cut the 3 layers at the same time and it made 20 squares, the exact amount that I needed to fill the ball.  The ball was about 4" in diameter.
I staggered the layers: 
Then held it in the middle to form the petals like this...I just played with it until I got the look I wanted.
Here is the pinch on the bottom:
Hot glue it to the ball.  I decided to attach the ribbon around the ball and made a loop to hang it with.
I will most likely make more to hang in Baby K's room.  It was pretty easy to make...if I can make it...anyone can!! {my motto!}
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  1. This is very cute... I might have to make some for my daughter's room.

  2. You have been one busy girl! I love these. Too cute! I also love the burlap nest and the jewlery and the book wreath.I lovetthat you used flowers. Pretty much-I love you. (not in a creepy way though)

  3. Oh these are cute!!! Think I will make some for my easter tree, just much smaller. Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. Cute and simple. I could see a bunch hanging at different heights in a window. Thanks for linking up!

  5. Looks terrific! I can't wait to make this.