Thursday, March 18, 2010

I need Outdoor Furniture Inspiration...Help!!

Calling for Inspiration!!!
One of our main projects this summer is to really make our backyard fun and inviting!  The reason why we bought our house was the BIG backyard that is flat.  The boys have a soccer field with nets and everything out there.  This house was definitely not my favorite, but I saw potential!
This is my dilemma:
Outdoor Furniture is EXPENSIVE!
I found this collection over at PotteryBarn that I would LOVE!
Just to see how much it was cost for this set {with extra seat}, 2 lounge chairs and a dining set {seating 8}:
Um, Yeah...I can think of a lot of other things that I would do with that money.
I would love to see your backyard spaces, ideas, altering furniture, anything to get me to be inspired.  I really don't want to spend too much...not over $1,000.

We decorated the church this morning for our RS Meeting "Zion's Mall".  It took us 3 hours, 6 girls, 3 men {to carry in the heavy stuff}.  It really looks amazing.  I am going to get there extra early to take pictures, I know that the pictures will not give it justice!  You know how hard to decorate the church to make it 'not look like the gym'!!
Have a fabulous day!

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  1. I would love to hear the ideas that you have on this. I too am in need of a backyard makeover.
    How about thrift stores? I have found a coupld of tables there that have completely changed with a can of spray paint.
    Also-I don't know if you have been to home depot lately-but they have the cutest adirondack chairs in fun colors-they are under 20 bucks too. Good luck!!