Monday, March 1, 2010

Burlap Bird's Nest

The other day Leslie and I made a Burlap Bird's Nest.  While we were altering our jewelry and making rosettes, we thought why not make a large one for a bird's nest!  So, we made a large rosette and even added another strip of burlap to have it even bigger. 
How I learned to do Fabric Rosettes was watching a segment on a Studio 5:  Click here to watch.
We just added the threads of burlap to the inner part of the nest.  I also put a couple of tiny pieces of tulle in random places.
The bird and eggs I had on hand.  I got the bird at Rod Works in Utah, it is actually an ornament.
I am pretty sure that I will be making more of these soon!!!  Spring hurry up and get here!!!
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  1. This is just darling. How did you make the rosette? Is it strips folded over? Love the little tulle sticking out. Gonna have to try it.

  2. So cute! I love that!


  3. Yet another fabulous way to use burlap! I love burlap and I love all things bird I super LOVE this!

  4. Jenn~ super darling, and I love the medal wire looking stand its on too. P.S. if we lived closer we could craft together... do you live in N. Utah, or S. Utah? email me: Have a great day! JGG

  5. This is adorable.. I love it. You make me want spring too.. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your blog has been chosen for an award :)

  7. Jen, I can't wait to make one of these! Cute! So springy! It will make a perfect centerpiece for Easter.

  8. Jenn, Real Deals has birds like that as well!! This is beautiful. Your niece, Princess O, says your are the craftiest person in the world! :)

  9. Girl I love that!!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  10. Oh that is just so super sweet!!

  11. I just bought some little birds yesterday and was wondering how I should make a nest! And, I just learned how to make those roses the other day! Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. This is so tweet!! I would love to make a few of these with my girls for Spring!

  13. I love this nest and bird! Its cute and springy without being infantile :)

  14. I'm featuring this at

  15. This is very cute. I posted it on my blog! Hope you're OK with it. This is the link:

    You are amazing and creative!