Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm a Gift Bagger...take my poll

What are you...a Bagger or a Wrapper?
Take my little poll to the right for fun...
I am a bagger, it is quick and easy.  I am sending out my nephew's birthday present today and I just attached a 6"x6" monogrammed "M" that I cut with the cricut {I'm getting my money's worth out if it this week!}
I love a beautifully wrapped present too, I need to practice!
If you have any fun tips on how you wrap gifts, let me know!
Baby K was up until 3:30am last night, took her to the doctor today and she is fine...just a bad night of teething.  I have tons left to get done for our big night tomorrow night, set up first thing in the morning!


  1. LOVEN ME SOME BAGS! cute idea!!! Good luck with all your ideas you still have to finish! Have a good day!!! JENN

  2. Cute! I used my cricut to make some gift bags for my besties baby shower gifts. They turned out super cute and ended way cheaper than buying bags!

  3. GIMME wrappingpaper, scissors, tape, buttons and bows and I am on happy wrapper :) I hardly ever use bags, and IF I do I first wrap the present lol.

  4. I am a wrapper but my husband loves gift bags.

  5. I try to be a wrapper--especially for kids' gifts, I think tearing open a wrapped present is more fun!

  6. Mmmm too cute! Don't you just love cricuts? I want to steal my mom's every time I see it! Also I am a wrapper when it comes to Christmas time and a bagger for everything else...what it is about Christmas I don't know ;)