Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I think I made a Large Birthday Card...

Mr. B is in charge of the birthday party for a co-worker today.  If you had the previous birthday...then you are in charge of the next one.  
Too bad they don't have a Party Planning Department like on The Office with Angela & Phyllis.
This is about a 12"x12" size.
I got out my cricut machine and cut everything out for it {my letters aren't very straight, oh well}.  I had tons of streamers left over from my St. Patty's project, so I just but ruffles around it.
This is the back side for the co-workers to sign it.
Have a delightful day!


  1. Just found your blog and I love it!!

  2. i don't want this to sound creepy-but I love you! I love all of your fantastic ideas and all the fun,cheap, copiable things you come up with. (i know, I so made up that word)
    I love coming here and getting all kinds of ideas. so much so-when I come here, I always have my idea notebook at my side! Have a happy tuesday!

  3. This is what I would call "a keeper". What a sweet and pretty card.


  4. Um, this is perfect for a party decoration! And it totally does look like a giant card :) I love the streamer ruffles.

  5. Great idea...enjoy seeing all the neat things you come up with...thanks for sharing with us all.