Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Meet Virginia Giveaway!!

You have to go check out Morgan's Giveaway on her blog Meet Virginia and Roo.
She is giving away some of her fantastic creations for her birthday, see here:
I wish that I knew how to crochet, when I have "tried" I feel that my hands can't work together at the same time!
Have a fun day!


  1. Jenn it's so nice to meet you! Thank you very much for stopping by and for following along as well. I have been in a little bit of a blog rut lately which I am snapping out of as we speak thanks to friends like you. I look forward to getting to know better! You are my fourth blog friend named Jenn spelled with two n's. How neat!

    What a truly precious giveaway! *Smiles*

  2. My hands can't make it work either. I am a total Freak. Tessa needs those red shoes. Heck I want some of those red shoes.

  3. Jenn!!! Thank you so much for blogging about the giveaway it just totally made my day, and is so sweet of you....I hope that you win ;)!