Saturday, April 3, 2010

Red Barrett Tutorial

Yesterday, Baby K wore a really cute red and white gingham shirt and then I realized that she didn't have a barrett to match {she has a red bow, but it probably won't fit her until next year}.
Another quick and easy one to make, I am sure that I will make more...
Warm up your hot glue gun!!!
Cut out 3 {or more}circles about 3" in diameter {you can do whatever size you like}
Then fold it in half...
Fold it in half again. I put a little dot of hot glue to keep it this shape.
Hot Glue them together, side-by-side.
I just covered my barrett with a red ribbon.
Just hot glue the flower on the barrett.  I actually added some tulle on the side.
Have a Beautiful Easter!!!

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  1. What a cute and easy project! That is adorable!