Monday, February 7, 2011

Back from CHA...

I am back from CHA working with Canvas Corp in their booth.
This is Mr. Cow that I made as a fun & funky piece of artwork for the booth.
It took me a good week to make him.  Yes, I decided he was a boy...
We bonded!  I should've counted how many canvas mini shapes that I
used to make him.  The stretched canvas frame was about 3'x6'.  I had him
 laying on my craft table and I had to have a ladder in my room to see what
he looked like from above, it was a workout!
I used all Canvas Corp Products except for the black glitter and button
for his eye!  I guess there were people that wanted to
buy him, that made me feel good.  He will be hanging
at the Canvas Corp home office for now.
Here is a picture of the booth from one end.  I should've waited to get
a picture with the lights on, it was a fun booth to work it.
I just love all of their products, so it was
easy for me to talk to people about everything. 
 This was a media kit that I made
{using all Canvas Corp products except for the black glitter}
It is a 12"x12" chunky canvas frame that I turned around,
lined the inside with burlap and used their rope
to line the outside.  It became a shadow box for the
gift bag scrapbook that I made for the middle.
 Here is the "outside" of our booth. 
I love the old window hanging in the middle of the opening.
There is a Chalkboard Marker out there, I don't know
who makes it, but it was super easy to write
with it on the big chalkboard.
I met so many amazing people at the show from all over the world
and I know that I have developed friendships for life! 
There are some seriously talented people out there!
I am also thankful to be home.  Kristen and I were supposed to fly
home last Tuesday and miss the last day of the show.  The
weather was so bad that our flights kept being cancelled.  I can
say that I wasn't emotionally ready to be gone past Tuesday. 
I got home Friday morning right before the next storm we had.  I am
so thankful for my hubby and family for being patient with me
and supporting me on this adventure!
The Canvas Corp team is just fabulous and there are many more
things to come...just wait and see!!
Have a great day!!


  1. Love the cow, love it all. You did great jen. So glad you made it home safely. winks- jen

  2. It was so fun meeting you and your booth was gorgeous. I loved your cow. You are so talented -- and cute!!


  3. Your booth was gorgeous! You are a doll and so talented. You seriously need to do a tutorial on your cow...I love it (hint, hint...wanna guest post). I want a cow in my family room...I think it would look dandy!

  4. Oh yeah...I just shared your cow on FB!