Monday, February 14, 2011

A Simple Card...

It's been a while since I have made a simple "hi" card.
Canvas Corp has greeting cards, like this black & white polka dot one.
I just added a folded fan, Canvas Corp 
burlap circle in the middle and to top it off
I made a flower using the Canvas Corp homemade paper for the center.
Sometimes it is nice to have a generic card on hand!! 


  1. sO CUTE jEN, loVE iT! i WAS ThInKing of making a card with the polk dot card you sent me, now i HAVE BETTER inspiration. P.S. Can you do a tutorial on how you make those crinkle fan looking circles. Also, would it be ok if I put together a post for Thurs. on the other Canvas Corp. Craft I made, and send you the html code too? Let me know. Thanks, Jen

  2. You are so talented and have such a great pretty!

  3. Fellow burlap lover here! That little tag "makes it" -- so cute!