Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Guest Post: Jen from Craft-O-Maniac

I am excited to be here on Jenn's blog today.
Jenn is so talented, so its so fun to be here on her blog.

I am Jen also from CraftOManiac,
and here is a fun craft I made using some
 I started with a 11x14 white canvas board that I taped off.
 Then with black acrylic paint I used a stencil brush
and stenciled in the lines with the paint.
Once the paint was dry, I removed the tape and
added some red glitter glue over some of the black stripes.
I added silver thumb tacks to each corner..
I love embellishing and adding dimension and layers.
I just pushed the tacks into the wood.
 I also wrapped some hounds-tooth ribbon
I had around the bottom and tied a knot.

 I used the Canvas Corp "LIVE LAUGH LOVE" scrap paper
and used my Cricut to cut out a large heart,
I then roughed up the edges with scissors.
I mod podged the heart onto the dry canvas.

Next I used one of the DARLING
Canvas Copr. zebra tags, black jute, and silver clothes pin
to again, add more layers and dimension.
I cut out a smaller heart from my Cricut
and added glitter glue and glitter over the glue for a fun effect.
I love the final product and I don't know what it is but it reminds me of
 NO DOUBT'S LAMB collection and line HA HA, I make myself laugh.
It also reminded me of my sissy so I gave it to her and
she was THE HAPPY recipient of this product.
All though it looks Valentines-ish its really not.
However, you can use it for Valentines.

THANKS SO MUCH Jenn, and thank you Canvas Corp.

What a beautiful project, Jen!  She is definitely a Craft Maniac!
Jen has an eye for decorating and have to go see her blog!!  
Thank you for sharing your project with a tutorial so we can make one too!
Have a beautiful day!