Thursday, February 17, 2011

Canvas Family Wreath by Birgit Koopsen

I am seriously inspired.

Birgit Koopsen sent me this picture of her gorgeous wreath
this morning...You have to see the detail that she put
into making this!!
I am going to totally make one of these.

I met Birgit at CHA and sent her home to The Netherlands
with the Canvas Corp products she used in the wreath.

You have to go see her creative blog:

Thank you my friend!!


  1. WOW- I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THAT WREATH! I want a carbon copy with pics of my family on it. She did a fab job. I love all the detail. Is all of that stuff C.C.? and where do I order it?

    Also, I may be getting that post to you tonight or tomorrow.. my mums is coming out to visit the kiddos today. Hugs, jen

  2. This is simply lovely


  3. Stunning wreath!!! I so want one for myself!

  4. Lovely :) Might have to bear that in mind for a future project

  5. Thank YOU Jenn, for giving me the oppertunity to play, for all your sweet words, just for everything!! You're awesome!

  6. It's so beautiful...definitely inspiring!

  7. This is stunning...beyond stunning.

  8. just gorgeous, I found it in Pinterest:) thank you for sharing it:)