Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Spring Inspired Brooch

I made this little thing today to put on my bright pink sweater tomorrow at church {I have to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting and I thought it would be fun to wear}. 
I just cut out the fabrics that I wanted to use.  I also used 3 layers of Tulle, even though it is a hard to see it in the finished picture.
I did my hairspray treatment again to get the fabric to stiffen up and make it more durable.  {see previous post}
With the pink strip, I just hot glued it as I went around to give it a ruffle look.
At this point, I went around the bottom piece of fabric and trimmed it down a bit with pinking shears.
The back:
Enjoy your weekend!!
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  1. best of luck in sacrament tomorrow! love the pin! im not talented enough to follow you!

  2. Discovered you from Blue Cricket and Happy to have! LOVE the name of your blog and banner. And it looks like I'm gonna love visiting often. ooxx`jodi

  3. Adorable. Good Luck on your talk tomorrow.

  4. These are soooo cute!!! Found your blog from your comment on mine - you are so creative - I have found some new inspiration. Oh - and you have a new follower!

  5. Wonderful~ you have such a sweet place here!

  6. so cute! I want to make one. Hope the talk went well. And LOVING the necklaces. I guess I need to keep my eye out for some of those!

  7. darling! i must try the hairspray trick! super cute. I haven't had a second to go and look at your previous post, so now I am off to steal more of your fantastic ideas!

  8. So cute--did you make the little green flower, too?

  9. I've been seeing these fabric flowers popping up all over crafty blogland lately. Maybe I should try my hand at one or two! Thanks for sharing this, I'll be back again.