Thursday, May 6, 2010

Guest Blogger: Tausha from Sassy Style

I am so excited to be here-a guest at RedBerry Barn.
Yes-I think that it is the coolest and cutest Barn I know of.
And yes, I am even including that other Barn!!

So excited that Jen and I are swapping blogs today!
Before I get to the tutorial-I thought I would tell you a little bit about me.

HI! I'm Tausha
I'm a mom to 3 chickadees-10,8 & 6.
The drama at my house is well......pretty sure you can guess with 3 girls!
I am married to the man of my dreams who allows me to craft and decorate to my hearts content!
He is the best!!!
I love to thrift, redo, spray paint, decorate,eat chocolate and shop.
I have my own business-Sassy Style Redesign.
I have the opportunity to work with my mom.
We love what we do! We feel very blessed to be able to do it.
What do we do? Yea-maybe I should tell you that...
We (my mom and I) come into your home and redo your space with what you have.
We make your home you-only better!!!
It is not work!!
I mean come on-since when is it work to shop and make people happy!!??

I also have the opportunity to be a contributer to a local TV show here in Utah.

I go on-give ideas on how to decorate your space-ideas to perk up your home and such.
It is an incredible opportunity-that I am so very grateful for.

OK....I have talked enough about me-onto to the tutorial.

In honor of motherhood and all things that are good about being a mom-
I thought I would do a tutorial on how to make the most awesome gift for you or your favorite mom.

Easy-check check
See-Cute huh?
Now-how to do it.
Warning: Lots of pictures
Cause I'm nice like that.
You're welcome!

You will need:
A frame: I like the 11x14 with a mat (picked this up for a buck at the thrift store)
Some fabric or paper
e6000 glue
Metal words: (i picked these up at a local bookstore-if you want some-let me know, I can ship some out to you.
Again..I am sooo nice!!
It is totally optional whether or not you change your mind on your fabric choice half way through the project.

1st step-paint the frame and the mat.
I used Behr paint and primer because that is what I had. 
It the weather would have been cooperating-I soo would have spray painted it.
2nd step:
getting the mat and frame to a point where you like it.
I did this by sanding the frame and then wiping on watered down brown acryclic paint.
The mat was a little more tricky.
I hated it just painted white.
So-I wiped it down with the watered down paint as well.
Now, there is a trick to this. Wipe it on all in the same direction.
I even rubbed the rag in a circular motion when wiping the paint off.

Much Better!!
I then finished it with a little inking on the inside edges.
I used a chocolate color ink
Ok-now you need to attach your fabric or paper to the back of the frame.
I used my hot glue gun-becaus it is always my tool of choice.
Yes-I did use a different fabric that I originally pictured. :)
Alright, now put the frame back together.
This is where it starts to get fun.
You are going to glue the metal words DIRECTLY to the glass of the frame.
How are you going to do this?
With this!
I have a love affair with this stuff.
Permanent hold-even waterproof.
You can pick it up at any craft store. It's under $5!

Gently squeeze it out on to the edges of backwards word.
Like this...
It will dry clear-but do try and wipe off any excess glue before you lay it onto to the glass.
Now-lay it down.
Make sure you get it centered.

It will dry in about 3 hours-to the point that you can move it or even hang it on the wall.

What do you think?
Not too bad for 30 mins work and all under $5!
My kind of project!!

If you want to see more of my projects: Head on over to Sassy Style Redesign!
You will find lots of inspiration!

Thanks Jen...
I had a fabulous time!
Come and visit me-often!!!
ps- if you want to win one of these pics-
head over to Tatertots and Jello-she is doing some crazy giveaways today.
One of these signs will be featured this afternoon!
Good Luck-I hope you win!!


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  1. That looks great! I may have to try it! :)