Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mossy Landscape...Craftin' with Leslie

Leslie and I made Mossy Landscapes for seasonal centerpieces today!
We bought old frames at the flea market, my frame is 12"x 20". 
We used our 40% off coupon for the moss.  All you have to do is hot glue the moss on.  Items like seashells, nests, pumpkins, ornaments, maybe a gnome and so on will be changed out during the year!

Leslie made one with the frame on the left and she will be doing the same thing with the frame that is on the top of this picture {old cabinet door}.  She is going to paint it black first.  When she finishes that one I will for sure get a picture of it to share! 
I love it when Junk has Potential! :)
I found a little styrofoam "L" and "R" for Leslie and I to cover with the leftover moss.
My "L" looks like a sasquatch, but I still Love it!
Leslie found this huge flower at Dollar General for $1.  It is probably 6" in diameter.  The local flea market sales copies of vintage pictures like this one that she put in the middle!
I told Leslie that since she didn't want to start a blog {for now} that I will have to do a weekly feature of all of the amazing things that she has decorated in her house called "Leslie's Creations" or something like that.  Did I mention that before I knew Leslie that I used to drive by her house {because it is on the main road in our area} and when she had her windows open I would look in while driving by.  I knew that she had amazing taste before we ended up being BFF or BCF {best craftin' friends}!  I am sure that it freaks her out to think I was her "peeping jenn"!  hee hee!  So, for the past 7 years we have been having fun and it also helps that our families love each other too! 
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  1. Jenn I just adore the L and the red flower. I hope she starts a blog soon. Beautiful!

  2. Love your peeping in the window story... I tend to do that too, at houses that are so cute just on the outside with their doors and all.... HA! I wish I could join you and leslie in the crafting fun. I totally want to do a moss coverd "L" i HAVE BEEN keeping my eyes open for a large wood "L" but nothing. I am thinking about buying a huge sheet of styrofoam and cutting out my own "L"... will see. Jenn

  3. What a great idea! I have emailed you and Ana from Get Craftin' twice. I have never heard anything back. SO, I'm thinking I must be doing something wrong. :( I was the LUCKY giveaway winner of the Red Blossom necklace. My email address is, or blog address is I absolutely LOVE everything you make. Thank you SO much for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  4. That is so creative and fresh! I love it! I love that yo used to spy on her friend!!! hehe :)



  5. Hi my name is Claudia! I gave you a SUNSHINE BLOG AWARD today over on Crafty Corner 13! Check it out :
    Keep it going and share the love to 7 other of your fav blogs :0)

  6. I love the L. Really enjoying your blog and all the inspiration.

  7. Cute! I love moss - especially how you wrangled it into a landscape but have had absolutely no luck with it. The projects always shed every time they get bumped into.

    I too nominated you for an award on my blog - I think you're trendy *grin*