Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Featuring My Little Sister Renee & Her Carseat Covers

My little sis, Renee, is getting really good at making carseat covers! She is planning to start a little business selling them {and maybe nursing covers & I am trying to talk her into aprons, too!}.
When she gets up and running I will definitely let you know!!
In her ward, there is always a baby shower going on {at least one a week!}. So, this is a great baby gift!!
I had a plastic envelope that she used to "wrap" the present.
She didn't have a tag or card, so I whipped this tag up really quick for her...
Isn't this darlin'!!!
I wish that I would've had these for my first 3 dudes!
This is a picture of the one she made for a friend last week.  She came up with the idea of having a button hole in the middle for the toys to be able to go through for the baby to play with.  Genius!
I made Renee one for her little girl, here is the link to that post about it!
Have a beautiful day!


  1. That button hole is genius!!! Why have they not thought of this before?

  2. So adorable. I am the creatively disabled sister. I wonder if I can get special parking for that? :)