Saturday, January 23, 2010

Craft: Diaper Cake {Day14}

I decorated my first diaper cake last night for a friend who is having her first little one.   Whenever I saw a diaper cake at a shower, I was always a little intimated for some reason.  It was actually quite fun to decorate.  {I love the name Max!}

My sister constructed the tiers of rolled diapers and used rubberbands to group them together.

I used Word to print little sayings.  I used Script MT Bold font.  I have had these chipboard labels for a while and was excited to finally use them for something.  I could see if the font was the right size by just putting the chipboard label up to the screen.

Yes, that is can I do a project this week without using it!!!  I just covered the base that my sister had, it was just a side of a diaper box!

The second tier is a receiving blanket that I got at Target for $2!!  I used all hot glue!  I think my fingertips are getting used to the heat...the heat of crafting!

A couple of years ago I finally learned how to make a bow that looks semi-pro.  I think that the ribbon I used was perfect for making this bow, it didn't have wire.
The top tier is a gift box {target} that we put additional presents in.  I really like how it turned out masculine for a little guy.


  1. I loved the diaper cake Kasey made me so much that I didn't want to take it apart! I finally did, but not until after my baby was born. Too cute!

  2. I was just at a shower today, and saw my very first diaper cake. It was cute, but yours is even cuter!

  3. Thanks for coming to visit and share your story with me! It's always nice to find someone in the very same boat :)

    This diaper cake is seriously amazing!! I've never made one (or received one), but I think if I got this one as a present, I would just add it to my decor instead of taking it apart. It is fabulous!! I'm excited to look through the rest of your blog!!

  4. Oh my goodness! That is gorgeous! I made diaper cakes years ago and believe me, they weren't this cute-a-maximus!

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  5. This is beautiful! I see these all over, but yours is so elegant. I love it!

  6. Love it! How many diapers did you use for the bottom and middle tier?

    1. I honestly can't remember how many on each tier. I just bought a thing of diapers and rolled them until I got the size I wanted. Once you get started, you can easily make whatever size you want.