Friday, January 1, 2010

Inspiration Day 1: Craft Room

This is the view of our entryway.  Mr. B {my DH} closed in the wall that used to be the formal dining room. 

This is from the Lettered Cottage and it totally inspired us.  Mr. B doesn't mind working with Beadboard anymore since he did our kitchen backsplash with it.  I can't wait to line up pictures on the ledge!  I think that we are going to paint it "Softer Tan" by Sherwin-Williams.  I know that is a plain color, but I figured that I could add the color "pop" through painting the picture frames fun and bold colors.

The formal dining room had two openings to enter:  one from the entryway and one from the living room.  This is a photo from the living room side.  We put in french doors and will add transom on the top.  You can see where we had to add sheetrock to the right of the doors.  So, that means more painting on that side.  I would love to change the color in the living room, but that will have to wait.  Right now it is "Weekend Getaway" from Benjamin Moore.

In my new craft room, I will be using our "old" dining room table for my work table.  When I saw this picture I knew it was what I will have to do!  My table looks exactly like that but maple, natural wood color.  I will be painting/distressing it for sure!  This picture is from The Style Files.

Well, I am off in a little bit to go play with my sisters.  Playing to us is shopping, eating and a movie {"New Moon"...I still haven't seen it!}  I will let you know if I find any good deals!  I am going to be looking for a new dining room table to replace the one I will be using in my craft room.  We want a table that extends for when we have a lot of guests over.

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  1. I love beadboard. This is similar to something we did in our old house. I STILL miss it! I think I might just have to use beadboard some more. Post pictures of yours when you get it finished ;)