Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mantel Decor Day #8: Love Hanging

Today I had only a 30 minute window to make here is a little LOVE hanging.  I just attached it to one of my topiaries on my mantle.

It is starting to look more seasonal...

Y'all probably already know how to make these and make them more efficiently than I did.  I cut several strips of paper 3"x6" and did the fan fold.  The finished size is 6" in diameter.

With my scrapbook adhesive, I attached the ends to each other to form the circle.

I'm sure there are many ways to get the circle from buckling, but I used good ol' glue dots in the middle of the circle and on the burlap.  I also added on both sides a small piece of cardstock to stabilize the fan part, you can't see it when it is up.
UPDATE:  the next morning it buckled up like a cup!  I ended up hot glueing it all together, I should've done that in the first & learn. :)  It is solid now!

I punched a couple of holes in the back to get the jute through & hang it.  Very simple...not fancy, but fun!

I used to work for a scrapbook company called One Heart...One Mind.  I designed and made the large fan hangings out of her new scrapbook paper line for her CHA booth in the Summer of '07.  The owner decided to close her business the next year and go to work for Michael's Craft store in their design department.  It was a fun experience to work for her, I learned a lot!


  1. Love your blog. You have some terrific ideas, even inspired this old lady, LOL. Going to make those flower barrettes for my nieces for Valentines Day. They are going to love me, thanks.


  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is beautiful. I look forward to reading more. Love this project.

  3. love it. I hot glue everything! Really, I am telling the truth. It always seems to hold up better. I think that I am going to have to make one of those little things. Very cute! So-u are aggie eh? I knew it. Us utah girls, we have to stick together. Thanks for the inspiration-as always. As soon as my back stops hurting and I can sit in a chair-I have big plans i tell ya, big plans!